Our Precious Youth….

The one who waste their youth in thinking “what to do”, finally end up with wasting their time in thinking “how to do”. This is what I tell my daughter in times when she seems confused or exhausted with so many choices that if you don’t have a courage to try many things now then prepare yourself for a life doomed in regrets, choice is yours.

Youth is the real time of life. It’s really surprising to hear a teenager saying, “life’s so boring…I don’t know what to do…I don’t get time for my hobbies…”.

At youth,
…life is not all academic, it’s beyond holding positions and achieving awards.
…life is not all fun that should be wasted in sending SMS, chatting online, watching useless films or listening songs 24/7.
…life is not a career, that one focuses on one thing leaving no time for other choices.

This is not the time to assume that you should give up. This is just the beginning. It might take months or years to find out what you are really good at.

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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

4 Responses to Our Precious Youth….

  1. Hibah Naz says:


  2. Hibah Naz says:

    Yes, but parents should also keep it down for a while. You never know what kind of dilemma the other person is in.

    Children or in the majority cases-TEENAGERS- some like me, do like to change and know that they’re doing something wrong.

    It goes off like an alarm in their head every time they skip their schedule or do something else instead.

    But parents on the other should wait and see. Some say that they’ve been observing their kids for many years and they’ve established a belief that their child will remain a lazy bum for the rest of his/her life or won’t accomplish anything in life like they themselves did. So you never know what your child may become.

    You have to wait.

    Some parents even give valuable lectures like my mom does. I can’t help it but they are sometimes an energy booster for me and sometimes- the opposite. Like she gave me one a week ago and ever since then, I’ve been keeping a tight eye on myself. She challenged me that I couldn’t survive on a schedule for a week or a month. I did a week. I will do a year and so on for the rest of my life.

    But today I woke up at 6 like I have been for the past 7 days- with a severe pain in my head and legs, got up and prayed and laid back down for a while just so the headache was gone. And I swear to God I knew the moment I went back to bed and when I would wake up I would get experience another mood swing from my mom. And I was a hundred and four percent correct. She usually wakes up a little late but today she woke up way early before she even does and I was awake the entire time I knew that I was going to be shown the angry face again. She past by my room five or six times. I even heard her breath the way she does when she’s tolerating my laziness. I finally got up but didn’t clean or study according to the schedule that I’ve made. Then in the afternoon she said the same two sentences she said last week.

    I made up my mind that I would never ever EVER be spoken to in that way ever again by anyone and would never be accused of this again.

    My point is that being rude and changing attitudes may work sometimes and it does but you have to give some space. Your child may have something on his/her mind which you think is silly and unnecessary but to him/her it is disturbing.

    They might not be getting proper sleep even if they’re going to bed punctually or may be they’re just tired or exhausted. They might have changed their schedule. They might have planned different timings in mind. At least wait or ask or inquire before you decide to blow up.

    So that’s about it. All I’m saying is that children are wring but sometimes so are the adults.

    P.S: I made a week without complaining and strictly followed my directions- not two days, like I always did for the past 5 years🙂😉.

  3. Rubik says:

    May Allah (SWT) guide your mom to the right path and make her understand your problems. Wish you all the best and success in your life. Ameen!

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