Blessed and Beloved, Dr. Isar Ahmed…

Anas said, “A funeral procession passed by and they were praising the dead man. The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘It is mandatory.’ Then another passed and they were speaking ill of the dead man. He said, ‘It is mandatory.’ ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab said, ‘What is mandatory?’ He said, ‘You praised this one, and so the Garden is mandatory for him and you spoke evil of this one, so the Fire is mandatory for him. You are the witnesses of Allah on the earth.'” [Agreed upon]

O Lord, You are The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful and The Most Gentle…a very humble and obedient slave of Yours has departed us…a noble and pious soul has returned to You.  He is completely dependent upon Your Mercy.

Please be pleased with him, accept all his efforts that he made for the cause of Islam and Pakistan and grant him the best level of Paradise.

We are the witness that my family and I saw nothing but pure goodness and sincerity in him.  We found him as the great lover of You and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).  People close to him are witness that he devoted every second of his life for spreading Qur’anic teachings and he made great sacrifices for his mission.

O Lord! You are the best witness and You know him better than anyone.  He was my spiritual father and a sign of guidance from You.  So I ask You to have mercy on this gentle soul.  Please make his grave spacious and a piece of Paradise for him.  Please save him from all the trails of Akhira, deal with him gently and forgive all his mistakes.

Ya Allah! Please reward him million times more for each word of guidance that me and my family received from him…Ameen

Ya Allah! Please give comfort to his wife, the pure and simple lady and his best companion in his mission and send upon her and his children peace and blessings and give them courage and strength to carry on his mission.  Ameen

انا لله و انا اليه راجعون

“Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him we will return…

I am saying these words out loud so wherever my sound travels, all Your creation be the witness and join me in this dua.  Ameen


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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