May Lord be pleased with him…

“Dear Ibrahim! We can’t do anything for you. Divine Will can’t be changed. Your father’s eyes shed tears, and his heart is sad and grieved for your death. However, I will not say anything which may invite the wrath of Allah. If there had not been the true and certain promise of Allah that we too shall come after you, I would have wept more and become more grieved at the separation from you”.[653]

These sentences were uttered by the Prophet of Islam while mourning for his dear son Ibrahim, who was breathing his last in the lap of his kind father. The Prophet had fixed his kind lips on the rosy face of his son and bade him goodbye with a very sad face and a heavy heart and at the same time with full submission to the Will of Allah.

My whole family is in deep sorrow, Baba and Mama are crying since last night, Ammi and Baji and my other siblings can’t stop this feeling of losing the most beloved person.  Our spiritual father, Dr. Israr Ahmed, has passed away.  Only those who have been close to him know how gentle, humble and kind he was.  We have great memories of him.

His story of migration to Pakistan when they had to walk miles in fear and hunger, his life time struggle for Islam, his love and devotion for Pakistan, his pledge to God in Ka’bah and then his painful efforts against ignorance for Qur’an…I wish the world would have known.

He was indeed the most prominent and venerable figure among all the literates of shari’ah.  The most loving husband, the most compassionate father and firm too that all his nine children stood shoulder to shoulder with him on his mission without any compulsion.

He was a great inspiration for those who choose their path towards humanity and serving God with sincerity.

He was very lucky to be accompanied by the most faithful and loyal woman, his wife generally called ‘aapa’, a role model for all women….pure and simple woman, a symbol of wisdom and piety, highly submissive towards Allah (SWT), the most loving and caring mother, the most sincere adviser and a complete woman.  I wish for her peace and comfort in these grievous moments.  Ameen

“We belong to Allah and to Him we will return”

انا لله و انا اليه راجعون

Surah Al-Baqarah


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