Me and My God

The eighteen months curriculum part is done and so far it sounds excellent.  This could be started in a place where people are in desperate need of education, by the people who are really concerned with increasing literacy rate in a short period of time.  The impact of this planning could be multiplied to any number but one and zero if, unlike the regular educational system, non-schooling days are taken care of wisely.  This is only possible when the premises is not used as a school but serves as a place for academic excellence, proper training and creating community bonding for both children and adults.  The purpose should be to give them reasons for why and how to face and solve the problems of the real world and not a promise to some far away lands in fairy tales…because they don’t exist.  In fact, this was one miraculous aspect of the great teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), re-introduced as the concept of “my two by two”.  Convincing people to bring positive change where they stand within the capacity and the resources they are bestowed with.  The residents of the area should be consulted with the thinking that do not counter their basic beliefs and traditions.  The consultants should not represent themselves as the creature from some other world talking aliens.

Ah…what am I talking about.  Anyway, I went outside last night and in a mile area, what I observed, many people didn’t know what’s going on, that could be because they don’t use facebook or internet.  The rest were peaceful as they were happy with the government’s decision about banning the facebook and youtube.  For that I have a feeling like the govt’s ban worked like a “fard-e-kifayah” on nation’s behalf and saved them from coming on the streets to protest.  So there was peace all around.  Well done!

The thing that I am worried about is that if West keeps encouraging these kind of acts or movements, this would finally cause the religious people realize their power and that could be very dangerous.  In just one day, non-religious and educated people failed to show any interest regarding “social influence”.  They need to understand the importance of this very basic term of political science, when you live in a place, particularly under the slogan of “humanity”, you have to take interest in solving the issues of all kinds because “humanity” encompasses every human being regardless of any discrimination.  You just can’t ignore a single person on the basis of your personal likes and dislikes.  That was another miraculous aspect of remarkable teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Prayer of Prophet Musa/Moses (peace be upon him) in Surah

Taha: (25 to 36)

“(Moses) said: “O my Lord! expand me my breast;  “Ease my task for me;  “And remove the impediment from my speech,  “So they may understand what I say: “And give me a Minister from my family, “Aaron, my brother;  “Add to my strength through him,  “And make him share my task:  “That we may celebrate Thy praise without stint,  “And remember Thee without stint:  “For Thou art He that (ever) regardeth us.” ((Allah)) said: “Granted is thy prayer, O Moses!”


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