National Museum of Patriotism

National Museum of Patriotism

I copied this picture from the above link and I am really jealous, why can’t we have such a building here?  Well, I know the answer of my question but again why not here.  And I don’t want to say it loud because God forbid if any of the political parties of Pakistan hear about this, each one of them will fall into a competition to build it for their ugly, corrupt leaders.  They wouldn’t mind spending the whole year budget on that because like Ms. Fawzia Wahab spoke on behalf of them all, “to kiya hua agar people’s party ka jhanda lag gaya”.  Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain ya koi bhi ho, inka leader banna bhi quom per ihsan hota hay.  Nothing matters to them but all the filthy ideas and lame projects.

Ok, I agree, we shouldn’t build this kind of building in Pakistan.  My reason #1, our planners don’t know how to maintain things.  My reason #2, our people don’t know how to visit and enjoy places.  Our idea of tourism (from both the management side and the people) revolves around “eating”.  Management EAT with their corrupt minds and people simply eat foods, wherever they go.  Even our educated youth loves to ruin places they visit.

A horsey without tail at Clifton beach

buildings under construction near sea-side

“To Beautify Things”…that has something to do with beautiful hearts and beautiful minds, which unfortunately are not even found in educational institutions.


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