Debt and Beggary

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said,

“It is better for one of you to take a rope, bring a load of firewood on his back, and sell it, God thereby preserving his self respect, than that he should beg from people whether they give him anything or refuse him.” (Bukhari)

“If anyone guarantees me that he will not beg from people, I will guarantee him paradise.”  (Abu Dawud, Nasa’i).

“A believer’s soul is attached to his debt till it is paid.”  (Shafi’i, Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Darimi).

“Every fault but a debt will be forgiven to a martyr.” (Bukhari).

“Debt and Beggary” are the two curses that are officially being parented in Pakistan to push people toward poverty and slavery; 1) by the government in terms of generating causes to collect financial aid and loans from other countries and by projecting plans such as “Benazir Income Support Program”, etc., 2) by religious groups through collecting donations to run their madrassahs and charity organizations and by offering free-lunch or free-food distribution to the hungry and poor such as one launched by “Selani Welfare Trust”, 3) by political parties and political-religious parties…for decades they have been persuading people of Pakistan to believe in that they are living in miserable conditions due to the poor policies of their opponents (that could be anyone depending upon the situation).  As a result now 99.9% of the population seem to be already convinced that they are living (regardless of any status) “depressed, despaired and poor”.

More and more charity-openings is not a sign of prosperity and of serving Islam but a sign of an unjust distribution of wealth in practice.  Since the entire political leadership is ignorant and and the entire religious leadership is arrogant to do anything for the betterment of common people, it becomes the responsibility of (or a big burden upon) the truly educated people to take interest in discussing these issues (first at home and in their immediate surroundings) and do something about it.  Even if something could be done at minor level and on short-term basis.  No need for big projects but a few words of changing toward betterment, such as not spitting around, no wall chalking, no pasting of posters on poles, round-about and houses, etc. (begging)—depending-on-allah-for-sustenance-and-survival (why is begging prohibited in Islam?) (Anti-beggary Dept, Saudi Arabia) (Anti-Beggary Dept, Saudi Arabia) (Pakistan) (Pakistan) (United States of America)


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2 Responses to Debt and Beggary

  1. umersultan says:

    I think one point was missed. Begging as a Business. There is a well established and organized network of Beggers. The roundabouts and signals have jurisdictions. The real beggers are kicked out and are replaced by professional beggers!!

    I personally know at least two such cases.

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