May God help him, Ameen!

Meeting somebody made me very happy today.  A 52 year old, Muhammad Ibraheem.  I would say a talented person as he said his matriculation cannot be competed by bachelors and masters of today.  These two (the bachelors and masters) are the degrees.  He sits outside the post office and sells fabric-mailing bags, in addition to whatever he does to earn his livelihood.  He is living a terrible life but unlike others especially youth, seems and sound profound and determined about his childrens’ (three sons) bright future.  Thank goodness he doesn’t have any daughters.  He believes in hardworking and honesty.

I agreed with his emotional speech about youth especially girls.  “These college and university students are useless.  They get degrees but have no skills, no passion and no determination.  They can’t do anything but complain about the system.  Girls and women are getting fatter and fatter sitting home doing nothing.  The one who are going to schools and colleges do nothing but show attitude.  No morality, no values, no aim they have.  They just want facilities without bearing any hardships.  Lost people.”

His children are getting good education.  Beside doing his many temporary jobs, he manage to take out time to help his sons in Urdu and Islamiyat.  His youngest son was standing there and he could read (like really read) the newspaper.

His life trials didn’t stop him from dreaming and working hard for a better future and that’s the sentence of him I loved.  At the end he said that he want to see the change in his surroundings and he is waiting for someone to step forward for that.  He asked about Imran Khan, if he is able to bring change in this country and what kind of man he is.

He invited me to his small house full of his poor relatives (fourteen fifteen people) he is responsible for.  He is also very alert and knows a lot about different areas of Karachi and places, etc.

May Allah (SWT) make all his tasks easy for him.  May God enable our youth to learn a lesson from these precious personalities and do something for better future.  Ameen!


About Rubik
I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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