Blogging Culture

Like everything else, blogging culture in Pakistan is also quite different from the rest of the world.  Most of the blogs are either limited to discuss political issues or dedicated to preach Islam.  Then we have business blogs, very few of them.

There are some women blogger but most of them seem students of different school of thoughts so their sites are restricted to pure Islamic topics and they are even different from the Islamic blogs of the other countries.  Rest again write about political issues.

Some sites I found dedicated to Pakistani films but they are really unattractive, just uploaded the videos of old Pakistani songs, mostly Punjabi and some photos of our actors and actresses.

Our blogs usually depict our typical mind-set; if it is politics we are interested in then we won’t talk about religion or art.  If art is the passion, then who cares about politics and religion.  And God-forbid if someone consider him/herself a religious person then they use their typing skills to prove the rest as kufr.  The style of most writings is like criticizing, giving instructions or providing information or teaching something.

Why do we like to live so incomplete?  How can we live with our soul divided in so many pieces yet focusing on just one and neglecting others?

I tried and I could hardly found the writer who talk about normal life, life experiences, children, education, home atmosphere, home-economics, environment, flowers and trees, creative art, common life on the streets of Pakistan, jokes and riddles, music, etc.

Another thing that bothers me is that even on blogs Pakistanis seem to be afraid of each other.  I feel jealous when I visit non-Pakistani sites and see so many comments posted in response, even if they are like “nice post” or “good information”.  On the contrary, the comment section in our blogs is all deserted.  I think the one who are blogging are educated people.  Why don’t we have a habit of leaving a comment, just a few words may be.  Or may be responding to a blog requires a training.  Even on computer we can not form an educated community.

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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

3 Responses to Blogging Culture

  1. umersultan says:

    I think this depends on the amount of audience, and the type of blog one has.

    For example, my blog gets very few comments, but I know that considerable amount of people read it. Because they refer to my writings in e-mails, facebook or regular conversations.

    I think lack of comments should not make you worried. You should keep posting regarding the things that you find important to be addressed, while reaching out to other Pakistani (or not pakistani) blogs. In time, you will get lots of comments. You have a good blog, it will take time.

    • Rubik says:

      Umer, I am not worried about lack of comments on my blog and I don’t even care if anybody reads it. But this attitude shows a lack of bonding among Pakistanis, which has become our national attitude. How do other communities of the world keep it up, the way they behave in their real life; a note of thank, appreciation, constructive criticism, a brief opinion, anything.

  2. umersultan says:

    I think that it depends on the time one spends in the blog world, and the kind of blog one creates.

    For example Pakistaniat gets a lot of comments.
    Pak Tea House gets significant comments too, mostly from Secularists and atheists.

    Kashifiat, gets considerable amount of comments/ debates

    and few others.

    Based on my limited experience, Pakistanis tend to comment on a general blogs rather than on personal blogs. That might depend on the relative audience on the general blog.

    I think what you are expecting from other Pakistanis (based on this post) is that Pakistanis should write about their personal life like many people do in the Western world.

    Regarding that, I think it is so because Pakistanis are not so open about their personal life to the strangers and thus they talk about sports, religion & politics on their blogs (now tech blogs are increasing). This is based on my interaction with people here in America. A simple example is that I will not tell my co-workers about my plans for the weekends, however, I get to know about the weekend plans of most of my coworkers, even though I don’t really know them!!

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