Pakistani Flag and Anthem!

I don’t get the point of carrying party flags while all parties claim working for the betterment of the country.  Whoever wants to work for Pakistan should hold the national flag high.  And whoever respects and raises the Pakistani flag high should have the right to rule the country.  How can people of Pakistan trust the parties with different flags to work for their betterment.  This clearly shows that these parties have no sincerity towards the land and the people.  People have a right to ask them the reason for not raising Pakistani flags.  If it is allowed in constitution then change the constitution.

To me, from the core of my heart, it’s a conspiracy.  They have tried their best to disunite the people of Pakistan, convinced them (through their imported ideologies) to lay their lives to keep the honor of their party and party’s leadership.  Not for a single moment they ever planned to maintain the honor of Pakistan and to solve the problems of the common people.

Who knows tomorrow they agree with the enemies of Pakistan to rule their designated territories under their own party flags.  They can trade the sovereignty of Pakistan for any lowest reason.  I don’t trust them at all.

People of Pakistan especially the educated (not the literates only) youth must not trust them anymore until their loyalty becomes evident.

Vote of a common Pakistan is rightfully reserved for the one who can proudly sing the National Anthem of Pakistan, knows our ideology, owns the national flag of Pakistan and must respect Quaid-e-Azam as the founder and beloved leader of Pakistan.

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  1. Rubik says:

    @Hamara Pakistan, I am not good at it at all but I can try.

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