Defence Day – 6 September

Ya Allah Subhanau wa Ta’alaa! Please protect Pakistan from the evils of the enemies of Islam and Pakistan.  Please grant us….the courage and strength to face all the challenges…. and wisdom to deal with all the conspiracies…..and success in rebuilding Pakistan as according to Your will…..Ameen!


About Rubik
I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

2 Responses to Defence Day – 6 September

  1. umersultan says:

    “& may Allah protect Pakistan for the people in Pakistani gov and the army that would cause even greater damage to Pakistan. May Allah give people of Pakistan a sense of distinguishing good from evil, so that they can start choosing right leaders for the leadership of Pakistan” Ameen.

    • Rubik says:

      Exactly, educated people need to take hold on the situation and keep the politicians and the generals away from taking wrong advantage of it.

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