Lawaris University of Karachi….

“Maam, you are talking about professionalism, speaking professionally, you go to any academy or institution, you don’t get your money back no matter what…..”

“I am not talking about Pakistani but international rules and regulations ….. you should tell parents in advance about this rule that whether the professor or teacher you are providing is capable or not, you won’t get your money back plus you will have to understand his personal problems too, tolerate his late coming and excuses etc….”

“Maam, we live in Pakistan so we should talk about Pakistani system…”

“Yes, and I want to change this system because this is based on injustice….. according to Islamic Shari’ah, we should take responsibility of our actions and failures, we should not create problems for others because of our personal matters and we are not supposed to waste others’ time either….”

“Good, very good, you are right but still… professionally, once you pay, you don’t get your money back, either you request and wait for another tutor or just lose your payment….”

“and what about the services you promise ….. you fail to provide the services, you failed to provide a good tutor now you are supposed to return the amount, you are educated people, when it comes to money, why do you start talking like subzi wala or doodh wala….”

“Maam, please, like you said we are educated people, don’t compare us with third class category….”

“that’s because you are talking like them, once they sell their third class products, they make excuses, they don’t pay you back……you are doing the same thing….what’s the difference between you holding degrees and diplomas and them being illiterate?… have to show some difference…..”

This was the conversation between me and an academy owner who three weeks ago sent the best tutor of his academy for my daughter.  That professor when came the first time for five minutes, said (in Urdu), “I don’t care about money, all I care about “Ilm” and collecting prayers from people”.  Next three classes, he talked about how corrupt is Pakistani system and who is responsible for it….plus how much influence he’s got in some departments and guarantees 95% marks in the paper etc.  He used the solution book to solve some problems.  He couldn’t explain the economic terms.  Three classes and he realized that we are not the people he was expecting and then he never came.  His first excuse was that someone died in his neighbourhood, second his sister got admitted in ICU.  He promised to come the alternate days but never came and wasted two more weeks.  Then I decided to talk to the academy for returning my money and we had a long talk over this for three days.  Above was the final conversation.  After receiving a “ker lain jo kerna hay” type of threat from the professor, I passed it on to the academy owner and then he agreed on paying me back 66% of the amount.  Alhamdulillah!

Another tutor promised to come on Monday and a night before he called that he can’t make it because he’s got a job.  Few more like them…. and now I stopped believing in so-called degree holders, they lie, they cheat, they are corrupted, they never keep their promises and don’t honour their own words.  SHAME ON THEM ALL!  Once again, I will teach my daughter on my own.  Long Live My Mother! Thanks to her for providing me with good education and training.

Monday and Tuesday, I had to shout and yell at the girls and their mothers cutting lines for registration.  My final roar provoked some girls who were standing in line for hours under the burning heat and they raised their voices against this cheating.  However, I do appreciate hundreds of girls who stood in line patiently and avoided cutting lines and short cuts.

While all this was going on, I noticed a lady wearing the blue gown (which means she is a professor) hurried towards the girls who cut the line.  She was putting stamp on some papers,  saying something and the girls were noting it down.  She seemed puzzled when she saw me inquiring about her and left the spot.  Later I found out that she was saying, “hurry up, write down my number, when you call me at home, say you want to talk to Madam Shamim so I would know that this is something about university…..”  She was after the private students.

May be because they are 100% sure that home-schooled or private students are lazy and not serious in studies.  They look for short cuts and they pay for that.  I mean charging 50 or 100 rupees from at least two to five hundred students would make minimum 10000 to 50000 rupees per season.  Madam Shamim of Karachi University and this professor-tutor type of people provide the best or should I say the worst short-cut to these students……. also because this is their hidden source of income …… and we cry over Jamshed Dasti and the illiterate ministers.

I don’t expect anything good from the Vice-Chancellor and the professors of the KU.   Alumni and current students of Karachi University should do something about correcting the system.

Do something to break this network of corruption in educational institutions between these type of students and Madam Shamim type of professors.  They should be identified as the criminals.  This is a crime against our generation, against our future and against Pakistan.  They need to be known as BAD PEOPLE until they repent.

During the rush hours or whenever they expect thousand students to visit the university, KU Administration must increase the number of representatives for various steps of registration.  Just one person at window dealing with thousand students per day is also cruel.  And I wonder do students really have to go through these so many stupid steps just for registration.

There is a huge deserted area right beside the silver gate where the ruins of UBL and another bank are still standing there to serve private students.  Then right across, there is another haunted building for the same purpose.   It doesn’t seem like a part of an international university of an international city but an orphanage of a small town and whenever I visit there, it feels like the expedition of Hijrat-e-Habshah.

Instead of two, they can build one single building with at least 10 to 15 counters, which could be used for one step of registration at one time for fast processing.  OR if they build it in the middle of the area, the building can serve from the four sides with at least six counter on each side for different steps of registration.

They should ban pasting political posters of any party, mourning notices and the ads of couching centers on the walls of the buildings.  The complete instructions for the registration process or whatever should be printed on a big in both English and Urdu….with the warning that student should not bother to go to the window without proper documentation and to ask stupid and unnecessary questions.  They should build wooden benches and shades (not the metal sheets but of trees or logs) for elders and others.

The area and the gate for private students is without security and could be an easy target of terrorism.  The beggars (children and women) inside the university should be kept miles away from this institute.  They should build at least 20×20 size of canteen and tell their employees or the canteen owners that envelops, glue and other stationary items are not supposed to be sold at canteen.  Students (aah! the Bachelors level) should be restricted to eat and drink outside the canteen area and should not throw wrappers and papers, spit pan and gutka around.  If not professors and parents then someone needs to shout at them, “Listen students! You are old enough to behave like  human beings, no more being animals…”

And my final question to all the these educational-criminals…… for whom do you do all these corruption….. your family, children, husband, wife, parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, relatives?….. when you die, they won’t leave a penny with you, even take off your clothes, wrap you up in two sheets and will dump you somewhere in our ugly cemeteries.  Don’t ruin your life in grave and hereafter even for your beloved ones.  They won’t take responsibility for your actions.

Be sincere and honest to yourself, to the people and to Pakistan.


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