Political Science in Pakistan

The writers of our course books sound more like the interpreter or the representative of foreign philosophies, ideologies and research or better say their sales agent.

Even this book on political science by Mr. Mazharul Haque has quotations of Plato, Aristotle, Bertrand de Jouvenel, Maurice Duverger, Karl Pearson, Sir Fredrick Pollock, Harold D. Lasswell, J. S. Mill, Tacitus, Rosa Luxemburg, Alexi de Tocqueville, Giovanni Sartori, Rainhold Niebuhr, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglass, J. J. Rousseau, Adlai E. Stevenson, P. F. Lazarsfeld, Benjamin Disraceli, George E. G. Catlin, Silvio Spaventa………… in the subject, it discusses David Easton and others’ philosophies and theories.

I couldn’t find one single quotation of Allam Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam.  Weren’t they great politicians?  Aren’t we supposed to recognize them as our political role-model and be proud of them?  Can we, Paksitanis, consider our Political Science (in theory and practice) complete without discussing and quoting Allam Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam?  There isn’t a single chapter dedicated to Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam, discussing their politics; their political ideas, political efforts, political affairs, political strategies etc.

I couldn’t find any information about the authors of two other books.  But this one tells about Mr. Mazharul Haq…..M.A. (Political Science), M.A. (History), LL.B., Ex-Chairman Department of History and Political Science Islamia College, Peshawar.

He is the author of ….”The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan”, “Modern Constitutions”, “Modern Political Theories (Isms)”, “Elements of Civics”, “Civics of Pakistan”, “Nazri-wa-Amli Siasiyat”, “A Short Hisotry of Islam”, “A short History of Muslim Spain and outlines of Islamic History” etc.

Political Science is the choice given in the category of Arts.  Arts is the field usually chosen by dumb and dull and foolish and lazy student or the private students who need a degree somehow.  Most of them can’t even write an application in Urdu.  99.99% of them try to memorize notes given to them by ex-students or any academy or they find people like Sir. Mansoor and Madam Shameem and buy their marks and degrees.

Just last year 8000 students were registered for B. A. examinations as private students, only 2000 of them cleared the papers.  I doubt even if five or ten students chose Political Science.  Just because it is not a popular subject.  It is not discussed positively here.  There is no career for the student of Political Science in Pakistan.

…… and with all this, we expect our people to be politically correct and politically fair……….. and our politicians to be politically wise and politically intelligent.

What a joke!

I’ve heard that Imran Khan has studied Political Science and I wish if occasionally, he could try to arrange workshops, seminar or just a simple gathering on the importance of political science in our country.


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6 Responses to Political Science in Pakistan

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  2. umersultan says:


    I am saying again, I think you should send your articles to the Aaj News!!


    You should send this one at least. Do it…like…now 🙂

    They should also include Umar ibn Al-Khattab and other Great Muslims scholars who have contributed great deal in the Political arena- Shah Waliullah, Ibn Taymiyya, Mawlana Mawdudi, Imam Ghazali etc

    • Rubik says:

      Okay, let me try… 🙂
      Very good suggestion except for…
      1) then the syllabus would be divided according to different sects. Shias would never even bother to read about Hazrat Umar, other companions or Maulana Maududi.

      2) People who think they are normal or English medium or O’levels (meaning ordinary level) don’t take interest in personalities that are considered just religious for I don’t know what reason. They only get attracted to the foreign names, you know slave mentality or ‘choti zehniyat’.

      3) Religious people know about the life of all these great personalities but they would rather describe them as great maulvis of their time. They won’t and they can’t discuss them as a normal human being.

      There is a need for some truly normal human beings who, without any religious discrimination, can discuss their political contributions.

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  4. umersultan says:

    Yes as far as political science is concerned from the perspective of those individuals themselves, then I don’t think any one should have a problem with that. When Shias are willing to learn about Plato, Karl Marx etc who are Kafir, then they should be more inclined towards learning what other Muslims have spoken on the subject.

    They should also include Jamaluddin Afghani, Ayatollah Khomeni and others. As long as it talks about the views of these great individuals, people should sit and learn. They don’t have to agree with their views but they should know.

    Frankly Ulema speak about them like this because all of these were one of the great scholars of Islam or the students of the great scholars of Islam. If we want to eradicate the mental slavery from our masses, then we need to divert them from arguing about Democracy and Socialisma, towards the theories and ideals written by great Ulema, Activists, and Imams of the past. Only from this kind of civil discussion we can move towards reforming the Ummah, otherwise we will keep arguing that lets keep State and Politics separate, while saying that they believe in the Quran, when in fact they believe in the Bible on this very particular stand.

    But all this comes late. Right now we need free quality high school education all over Pakistan, we don’t even have that! 😦

  5. Rubik says:

    Both Shia and Sunni, unfortunately are more inclined towards Indian movies and songs than to each other. Facebook is the witness. When Shais are sad and angry, they share nohas and marsias, then they share something that is against sunni scholars and creates hatred and when they are happy they share Indian songs. Not a single word about Kashmir, Palestine, or Chechnya….may be they think that these are sunni countries and their people don’t deserve any sympathy.

    Sunnis are worse than Shias. They never even bother to read about what happened to the family of our Prophet (S.A.W). When they are sad and angry, they call slogans against America and Israel and when they are happy they share Indian songs. BOTH, SUNNI AND SHIA, LOVE TO SHOW THEIR LOYALTY TO HINDUS….I THINK THIS IS WHAT THEIR FAITH IS ALL ABOUT AND ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT, THEY BOTH WILL BE STANDING BEHIND GANDHI AND NEHROO.
    One reason for not having free quality education in Pakistan is that common people don’t value quality education. Their only standard for quality education is either missionary schools or O’Levels (ordinary level). They would love to dump their money, would earn by all haram means, would sacrifice their all opportunities and happiness and normal way of life just to show off that their children are studying in missionary schools or O’levels. Fools!
    They think that after O and A levels, their children will get a good job in UK and Australia. Now every years, thousands of students finish O and A levels. I ask them what do they think how many students will get the visa of those countries.
    One of the person I know very well, is blessed with two daughters and a son. All were O level students in famous schools. He was spending 50000 rupees per month on their education. Last couple of years, I saw him gone crazy for sending his son abroad.

    So the first thing that I prefer for myself and is the part of my mission is to discourage the people with slave mentality. God knows, most of the time I humiliate them and sometimes insult them purposely because these jokers have caused enough damage to Islam and Pakistan….and they need to know it that they are not the noble entities of this society, they are a curse on land…. they are still slaves…slaves of Hindu…..slaves of the West. They don’t have their own mind, if they do, they aren’t using it.

    No matter what happens, I wish good luck to my great land.

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