Food Streets

What could be the purpose of a food street?  In Karachi, ruining the beauty of the street and surroundings or wasting money on unhygienic food or getting people into a habit of eating all the time or a way to keep people away from their homes so they can’t relax and spend quality time with their family members….???  Who will think about the other community necessities???

جیسی روح ویسے فرشتے۔۔۔ جیسا مردہ ویسی قبر۔۔۔ جیسی عوام ویسے سیاستدان۔۔۔ جیسے اعمال ویسا بدلہ۔۔۔

How unfortunate this nation is! These are our leaders and politicians who claim to be an educated party.  Ye MQM walon nay degrees li kahan say hain, inko community or healthy environment kay baray main kuch paraya nahi gaya kiya?  MQM’s Mr. Babur Ghori announced the opening of Asia’s biggest food street.  I want to ask this mister that “khanay or khilanay kay ilawa bhi koi life hoti hay ya nahi”.  Is this really a time for this “halla gulla”?  The whole Karachi is full of food streets where people of Karachi and from all over Pakistan eat like animals….yeah, look at their tables after they finish their eating.  There are already all kinds of international chains from almost all the countries are found, then there are local restaurants, food-carts selling snack items and drinks.  Can’t we think of something beside food?

Ya Allah, please send some human beings who can build in Karachi and all over Pakistan what we really need to build at this time.

I am replacing the word biggest with the best………… Asia’s best school for street children or Asia’s best library for children or Asia’s best research center where children can enjoy their hands on new technology (like the Hall of Science in NY) or Asia’s best botanical garden or Asia’s best rose and jasmine nursery or Asia’s best bird nursery or Asia’s best aquarium or Asia’s best camping spot or Asia’s best fishing point or Asia’s best and the most organized and the most neat and clean subzi-mandi or Asia’s best agricultural research center or Asia’s best physical development park for children or Asia’s best filter plant or Asia’s best lake-view resorts or Asia’s best housing projects or Asia’s best forests or Asia’s best beaches that could provide all information about marine science or Asia’s best hardware manufacturer or Asia’s best software company or Asia’s best and affordable swimming pools or Asia’s best and affordable martial art centers or Asia’s best …………………????

I wanted to include the best Qur’an research center but couldn’t because I know that MQM would say that that will raise religious extremism and their job is to tell the world that Pakistanis are not extremists….they would rather prefer to build more theaters and cinemas where they can play more Indian movies for school children and bars to prove that they are with the world in all disgust.

Ya Allah! Please replace MQM, ANP, all kind of PPPs and PMLs  with someone who can raise the national flag of Pakistan high and can spread the message of our national anthem.  Please be witness that I hate them.  Ameen!

Boycotting November’s electricity bill for high-price of electricity and load-shedding.  Ya Allah! whoever approves this new bill of electricity (Yousuf Raza Gilani, Zardari or any minister)….in sub ko short-circuit say maar dain, they all need to go now….Ameen ………aur Firdous Ashiq Awan ko zaroor shamil ker lijiye ga…….thank You.


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

3 Responses to Food Streets

  1. umersultan says:

    I do understand your feeling, and mostly I do agree with you. But cursing the politicians won’t solve the problem. The ignorant people of Pakistan will find more politicians on this same calibre.

    After all, the present gov got majority seats in the parliament because Pakistanis voted for them right (& yes the bogus voting was by Pakistanis themselves too). MQM mostly wins with thug voting as well.

    So people support this, they want this, so they get this. Its Allah’s justice.

    Allah Ta’ala has clearly stated in the Holy Quran that He won’t change the situation unless people change themselves. People don’t want to change, so they are not going to get Angels from Heavens. Its pretty simple.

    The recent intelligence report stated that Karachi is heading towards civil war. Well thats expected when people will support Racist and Ethnic-Nationalist parties in gov.

    • Rubik says:

      So ture! and I hate it, MQM’s workers have come couple of times asking for the photocopy of my NIC for the elections. They demand and insist and that is not right … and I really get scared (beside that I have yelled at them many times) because there is no justice system. That is the case with them all (PPP, PMLs, ANP, etc.)
      Whoever wants me to vote for them must show their loyalty towards Pakistan, not towards Altaf Hussain, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif or else. They don’t respect the flag of Pakistan and the national anthem. They all are working for their own groups on ethnic basis, to divide the people and divide Pakistan. That is exactly why I hate them all and don’t support them.

      And yes it is people’s fault but who will educate them and will tell them about right and wrong. Masses are like cattle scattered all over the field. Somebody has to be there to control them. It is political or religious groups who usually plan and work to educate their people, train them professionally for a better future, enable them know their rights and wrongs. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Pakistan. The leaders of all political and religious parties don’t bother to come out on streets and talk to people about their issues. They just blindly trust their workers for whatever they do the way they want….and they don’t even train their workers.

    • Rubik says:

      Americans had a civil-war (1861-1865) and they learned their lesson, if this is how nations learn their lesson. The Urdu speaking population of Karachi actually don’t take interest in anything except for their own-selves. Others who came from other provinces for making money treat Karachi like a prostitute “use it and abuse it”. Just a couple of days ago, while coming back home, the rickshaw driver (he was an old age Pathan) asked me if something happened on Ancholi side and that he is scared of the ethnic violence in Karachi. Then he started, “We voted for Pakistan so we find a place to earn in Karachi otherwise we had Islam in our territory (the northern side), what did we get from Karachi and Pakistan, nothing….there are good mohajir people but very little and that mostly they hate and kill pathans.”
      I said, “brother, first of all we are all Pakistanis, not pathans, mohajir, punjabi, sindhi etc. I am very disappointed to hear that you voted for Pakistan so you can take advantage of Karachi…if so, you ought to own this place and give a little respect. Second, if you think that Urdu speaking people are behind target killing, tell me who is behind all the blood shed in Khyber Pakhtunkhaw? You don’t allow Urdu speaking people to go their, you don’t tolerate anyone and you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Is it only Pathan who have a right to live anywhere, go anywhere, earn anywhere neglecting the rights of others? If you are so scared of Karachi, go to your city and find work, ask your Pathan politicians what have they done for the progress of the province”……

      The point is that hatred and selfishness creates the environment for the civil-war and (hmmmmm, not love) but respecting each other’s rights and working with sincerity can reverse the process back to normal.

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