“If I am the end of all, then what lies beyond?  Where lies the limit of my unending adventures?”….. by Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal….. a poet and a thinker with pure thoughts, simple personality and wise words…

As a human being, I love him…as a woman, I adore him….thank goodness that I am not a man, out of jealousy, I would ignore him.

So thankful to Allah Almighty for this historical day, the Iqbal Day.  Had a great time, met a beautiful woman with a true Pakistani spirit.  A wonderful lady who calls Pakistan her home, who thinks that we can go abroad for education or other purposes but should come back to serve the land.  I am really inspired with all the social work that she has been doing for last many years along with bringing up her only daughter in Pakistan.

I wonder how she manages to work and social work as a single parent.  She was into this since her childhood, arguing with people to work for a better environment, got yelled by elders for putting her words into action.  What I admired the most is her passion to convince people to work.  Like a poor woman came to her begging for help and she asked her to clean the house and then gave her food/money.  After her job hours, she gathered the poor children wandering around for educational purpose, gave them school supplies along with one time meal.  After a year, she chose a few who showed progress and got them admitted in different schools.  The rest who were not interested, she found them the places where they can learn some work.  She also helped the flood victims different ways.  May God bless her and her beautiful daughter.

There was another lady who tried hard to educated these poor street children but the fact is that after a few weeks or months they run away.  All they want is food and money.  Their parents don’t want to give them education.  They want them into beggary.

I bet there are hundreds of women like them who are doing their best to bring a positive change in this country and a thousand more can join them if a link is created between them for a moral support.  Why did I say moral support because these women are already spending their money and giving their time but this is all they are doing on individual basis with their pocket money and limited resources.  Usually, they don’t get a good support from their surrounding but criticism.  These women, if they like it, can be given a unified social work plan for an effective result.  Because so far, what is happening is that many are working hard, giving their time, spending their money and finally losing hopes when they don’t see a good result.

Mostly the objection comes from the male side.  Reason, our men don’t support women with positive mind, working ability, knowledge and wisdom and passion towards land and people.  The one who insist get their ways blocked all around.  Then there are security issues, when/where/how to go and help.  Even if they want to, they can’t continue it for a long period of time.

The first thing that I suggest is to ask people if they want to stay in this country or are willing to leave whenever they get a chance.  The one who want to stay would obviously want to see a good change and work for it.  Otherwise, ignore the born-aliens, just like I do.  In the family, among the relatives, in the neighbourhood, at job….don’t discuss any issues with them so they can’t mess up the things with their negative thoughts and attitude.

You know what, I was thinking that our eleven-nine should be the opposite of nine-eleven……….hmmmmmmmm, lets see…


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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