Progress or Taraqqi


  1. (n.) Toward ideal completeness or perfection in respect of quality or condition; — applied to individuals, communities, or the race; as, social, moral, religious, or political progress.
  2. (n.) In business of any kind; as, the progress of a negotiation; the progress of art.
  3. (v. i.) To make improvement; to advance.
  4. (v. i.) To make progress; to move forward in space; to continue onward in course; to proceed; to advance; to go on; as, railroads are progressing.
  5. (n.) A journey of state; a circuit; especially, one made by a sovereign through parts of his own dominions.
  6. (n.) In the growth of an animal or plant; increase.
  7. (n.) A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward; an advance
  8. (n.) In knowledge; in proficiency; as, the progress of a child at school.
  9. (n.) In actual space, as the progress of a ship, carriage, etc.
  10. (v. t.) To make progress in; to pass through.

Synonyms of improvement: bettering, advancement, amelioration, amendment, augmentation, change, correction, development, elevation, enhancement, enrichment, gain, growth, improvement, increase, progress, progression, promotion, reclamation, recovery, rectification, refinement, reformation, regeneration, renovation, repair, revision, rise, upbeat, upgrade, upswing

None of the above meanings defines progress as to look for something new and forbid the old one.  Neither it has anything to do with mere logical upbringings or developing a particular understanding regarding religious beliefs.

Progress in its simple meaning is improvement or advancement.  Improvement is not a synonym of invention.  Somehow the word progress is misunderstood and is used as an alternate to creating something new.  Advancement means to move forward, to continue working or doing something, a steady progress.  This word has also been mixed up with “advanced or modern societies/people”.

What do we mean when we say “look at the progress they (Western countries) have done” or “they (western countries) are advanced countries”?  1) Is it because they have planned cities, clean environment, they obey laws, they read and study and research, they believe in honesty and hard work, they have a quest for learning, their individual lives are more systemic than ours, they desire for better and plan for future?  OR 2) Is it because they have become secular, have separated religion from politics, don’t value religious laws, have abandoned the prophetic traditions and make fun of them, drink wine, commit adultery, eat pork, have adopted nudity and pornography as art and vulgarity as fun, play loud music, spend nights in concerts?

There is a difference between correction and rejection.  Before setting the West as a role-model, we must check out their grounds for being called progressive.  The western societies consist of both negative and positive reasons.  They shine because of their positive qualities while have started stinking because of the negating the moral values.

This is very unfortunate that many people condition individual or country’s progress with giving up virtues, rejecting the faith or some of it’s articles or diminishing the cultural values and believing in making money by all means.  This would be true if the word is defined as gaining wealth, power and status.

I don’t get it that how can praying, fasting, pilgrimage, reciting Qur’an, authentic traditions of the Prophets or other religious duties stop anyone from progress or betterment?  In fact, those obligations were ordained for moral elevation which always results in maintaining peace and pleasure in surroundings.

Why do people avoid their Islamic identity or Islamic symbols or want to get rid of their national identity and national symbols in order to be recognized as modern or advanced in the international community?  If they really have to, they can do it without any explanation.  That’s because mostly their explanations are based upon denouncing the ideology, the symbols and insulting the people once they grew up and lived with.  Since this is a negative behaviour, it cannot be counted as a quality of being progressive, modern or advanced.

Progress is a continuous process of improvement.  Each generation, individually and collectively, take steps to correct the errors in the past and plans in advance for future development.  That ‘planning in advance’ provides a base to the next generation to work upon and helps them in facing challenges of their time.


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2 Responses to Progress or Taraqqi

  1. Amir says:

    Have some diagreements, but 100% agree on the last paragraph, every single word of it.

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