What do you think about it and why?

“An intriguing aspect of the current Tunisian situation is the absence of ideology”…Sheikh Humza Yusuf (www.sandalaproductions.com)

Egypt, Yemen, Jordan are facing the same situation.  I think all the Muslim countries that were liberated by generals and were ruled by dictators are lacking the ideology.  Many are predicting Pakistan to be the next in line regarding people’s uprising.  It might occur in Pakistan but it shouldn’t be the same way.

Pakistan’s situation is a little different from other Muslim countries.  Pakistan was the vision of a poet and philosopher and was founded by a barrister.  Both, the poet ‘Allama Iqbal’ and the founder ‘Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’ were supported by millions of common people.  The base of the Pakistan Movement was the famous ‘Two-Nation Theory’.   Thus, the state doesn’t lack an ideology and it has a valid constitution.  What it lacks the most was and is the interest, the passion, the ownership of it’s citizens toward that ideology.  The educated ones are to be blamed in particular.  They couldn’t keep it alive.  They failed to pass it on to their next generations.  They didn’t embrace it, their children were embarrassed.

The real issue in Pakistan is not about it’s identity as a Muslim or a secular state.  Both, the ideology and the constitution, are Islamic so there shouldn’t be any question whether it should be run like an Islamic state or a secular state.  But the fact is that we have failed to introduce Pakistan on the basis of it’s ideology and it’s history even to the Muslim world.

The real issue in Pakistan is the lack of people’s involvement in building the system.  At initial stage, they practice dishonesty at homes.  Then they ignore the corruption (moral, social, economic) of their family members, relatives, friends and neighbours.  From there, the politicians and crooked religious figures get support and supply of criminals to continue their games.  Common men and women will have to cut that supply off in order to disable the criminals for further mess up.

Our students should realize the era they are living in, it is not sixties or seventies.  Most of the students are facilitated with technology, they are financially supported by their parents or can be sponsored by wealthy individuals or organizations.  They just don’t make a good use of it.  They should be more concerned about their future and the future of this country.  They are the one who have better opportunities to raise their voices by writing on different issues.  They can demand for modified curriculum.  They can report teacher’s negligence.  They can ask for renovations.  They should condemn the involvement of political parties in educational institutions.  They can mark their opinion on any national issue.

We need to produce more readers and more thinkers.  We can change the question from “did you hear that” to “did you read it” and from “what do you think about it and why”.




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