Feb 05, The Kashmir Day…


The dispute of Kashmir between India and Pakistan has claimed thousands of innocent lives in Kashmir in addition to the lives of Pakistani soldiers while defending the independent Kashmir from becoming it the Hell like Indian-Occupied Kashmir.  It has gone severe day by day and still has no sign of being resolved in next few years.

The Kashmiris have been fighting for a long time.  I salute them for not giving up till now.  They never needed a resolution from United Nations to decide for their own destiny.  Freedom was and is their birth right.  UN has failed in providing them any opportunity to avail it by ignoring the barbarism and brutalities of Indian troops on Kashmiri people.  UN’s failure has encouraged India to continue their official terrorism on civilians of Kashmir.

I adore the people of Kashmir for still expecting Pakistanis to be their moral supporters.  Their constant uprising is a great and a better example than that of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and other Muslim countries.  More than sixty years of armed invasion of Indian government in Kashmir is a stain irremovable on their claims of being the biggest democracy of the world.

Why is more than sixty years of unarmed civilian resistance against armed tyrants still unrecognized by the world?  Why has the Muslim world ignored it as thinking of it a territorial dispute between the two South Asian countries?  In Pakistan, why does it concern more to the religious parties and groups than to the whole nation, including the sensible educated minority?

Kashmir is the soul-mate of Pakistan.  We both share the same ideology.  I love Kashmiris for keeping the spirit of Pakistan alive.  We both suffer the same enemy.

We should listen to the voice of Kashmiris and spread their words and convey their feelings to the whole world.  We can’t and we should not avoid it at any level.  It should be the part of our curriculum and we should discuss it in our classrooms.  Our youth needs to know how the youth of Kashmir is fighting for their rights.  Our women must learn the value of freedom from Kashmiri women.

Kashmir’s freedom struggle is an armed-free people’s action movement.  It should be respected and supported by people of the world.  Kashmiris deserve to live the way they want.  They will kick out Indian soldiers off the valey soon Inshallah.

May Allah (SWT) help Kashmiris by all means and grant them more power and wisdom to achieve their freedom.  May Allah (SWT) paralyze the Indian atrocities in Kashmir and pour weakness and disability on Indian soldiers.  Ameen!


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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