Help us out or get out…

Here I go, again and again and again.  That’s called repeating myself.  And continuous repetition is a reminder.  And that makes a memory, if not perfect, constant.  And something constant becomes a habit or a characteristic or an identity.

Now how many times will I have to say that Pakistan is unique in it’s foundation, in it’s movement, in it’s establishment, in it’s progress and advancement.  Why do people keep arguing about what should it be or how should it be run or which country should it follow to pursue it’s destiny?  Or why drowning in complexity “Alas! we are not like them”.  Oye! Khuda kay bandon, bandiyon, why be like others, why not be ourselves????

Every time something good or different happens in the world, many start suggesting that oh, we should do the same to demand our rights or for a bright future or to show that we are also progressing.

Just go three, four or five decades back in time.  Is this the future the world desired then?  Is this kind of quality life the world dreamed for and planned for?  What is bright and magnificent about the world today?

More schools and colleges gave more information yet more ignorance.

More clinics and hospitals diagnosed more diseases, produced more patients.

More agricultural reforms couldn’t help the humanity from ‘more deaths by more starvation’.

More films and show-biz conveyed more violence and more vulgarity.

More news channels telecast more chaos happening around making people think that they are not alone in facing the man/women-generated trials.

More advanced countries excelled in producing new garbage.  The declining societies like us, refused to clean off our old waste.  Yet both equally collaborated in threatening the environment their own particular ways.

More intellectual talks opened the doors to more arguments, created more confusions.

More geological discoveries, more geographical confinements.

More slogans of freedom confronting more fear and more threats.

Haven’t’ we noticed that following the trail of our so-called progress, we have promised ourselves a revival of stone-age and tribal eras?  Yeah, recall the Flinstones and Jetsons and then the world fashion shows.  Reversing from books, back to symbols and signs, from Literature to few dialogues, from speeches to announcements, from words to phonics, from humor to filthy jokes, from covering to not-covering.  In Muslim Ummah, particularly, from capability to incapability or disability.

Now talking about ‘people’s uprising in Pakistan’.  The dictionary explains the word ‘uprising as an organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another’.  It’s a synonym to revolution, mutiny, outbreak, rising, rebellion, resistance etc.  Whatever the way we choose, it should disable the negative elements, not the positive ones, the rising voices for peace and justice.

Let’s not rely upon the emigrants from Pakistan who are not Pakistanis anymore.  I am excluding the children who were born of Pakistani parents in other countries. They don’t want themselves to be called Pakistanis so let’s not call them Pakistanis anymore.  Even if they decide to come back in case of failure, they will be useless for us.  Why?  Very obvious, if someone cannot succeed in the world of opportunities and facilities, how can they help us.  Not a chance.  Let’s not expect from them but charity and breadcrumbs.

Let’s not depend upon political and religious authorities either.  No more charters from political parties.  They have proven to be failure.  If they want to remain in power or to become in power, follow people’s charter.  Why?  Because a charter prepared by common public can ensure our interests.  It won’t be a foreign based description to fool us.  “Help us out or get out.” People should support people, not the political leaders and political workers.

We want to bring revolution, let’s prepare our own “Charter of Revolution”.  Let’s see how our minds and hearts guide us to become better.  Spread the words, spread the thought.


About Rubik
I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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