Good Luck to Egyptians

It was almost eighty two million Egyptians who had to get rid of one dictator backed up by the army.  They really did it in less than twenty days.  They all desired freedom for each other.  They joined their voices.  They stood together.  They supported each other, like one nation.

Egyptians are admired by the world.  Pakistanis are also happy for them and wish them all the best in future.  Facing the same challenges, Egyptians have set an example for many African and Arab countries.  What I wish for them is not to fall in the same pit of democracy as we have in Pakistan.  They must elect someone who work for their interest and not for American’s.

In South Asia, it is almost one hundred and eighty million Pakistanis who are trapped by a gang consisted of hundreds of political and religious parties and groups.  They all failed in showing sincerity towards the land and the nation.  They all are no less than Mubarak or even worse.  They are expert in using each other to divert public attention.

So the idea of revolution in Pakistan is not to shu-away the current seated American-collard alliance.  They are illiterate.  They wait for their masters’ signals and work accordingly.  Once can replace the other easily.  They actually have to be replaced by two-third of sensible, wise and educated Pakistanis.  Do we have them ready to fill in the seats?

PIA has set an example.  It should start with the removal of corrupted MDs, GMs, CEOs, administrators in every department and then MPAs and MNAs.  Once resigned on the charges of corruption, that should be the end of their career.  Their resignations should not exempt them from accountability.  They should not be allowed to run away.

We should reconsider our demands.  It shouldn’t be “roti, kapra, makan” or “ikhtiyar sub kay liye” that we vote for.  We don’t want to hear it anymore.  We should vote for the rule of law, justice for all, quality education for all, clean environment, forestation, agricultural reforms, facilitate to encourage cottage industries, planning for youth, for old and/or disabled, ………….

We shouldn’t be fooled by the decision of PPP for downsizing the cabinet.  They are doomed.  MQM didn’t join them in this new game.  Then why did Altaf Hussain even appreciated their idea of downsizing.  May be they have realized that they are done in the assemblies for now.  They can use this time to prepare themselves for the next elections.  But again, how will they compete with Imran Khan, who already built a hospital and has planned the knowledge city?  They are middle class.  They don’t have champions who can raise high funding for their projects.


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