Land Mafia

Whenever I hear the words “Land Mafia”, my mind forms images of Pathans carrying guns in their hands, grabbing lands and terrorizing residents in surroundings or plot owners to run away.  Many say it’s ANP workers that are involved in this.  I don’t know how to differentiate between the two.  In some parts Balochi crime groups are active in grabbing lands from peaceful civilians.  Both Pathans and Balochis are basically and traditionally gun-lovers.  If they are criminals then they love breaking laws without any fear.  It is impossible for peaceful and common citizens to stand against them.  But I still like it because at least people can distinguish them for being criminal so boldly and openly.

Let’s come to Punjabis and Karachiites.  The second one may not be good at handling guns but surely both are expert in cheating many ways, more fearlessly and without any shame.

It was six years ago, when I received a call on land-line phone (I had one at that time) telling me that I have won a plot in Islamabad.  Their office was in one of the buildings of Falaknaz Apartments in front of the airport.  They put a big board right at the entrance of the building for visitor’s assistance.  I forgot the name of the estate on it.  The office consisted of two rooms.  Two men were sitting inside while two boys and two girls were at the front.  They all were both Punjabi and Karachiite mixed.  Couple of men were waiting for their turn.  Two big, black and white maps of some schemes were pasted on the walls.  They were without any label.  As I inquired, the young, very fashionable and bold girl asked me to pay 23000/- rupees for registration purpose.  Then in a week I will get a free return ticket to go to Islamabad and visit this scheme which was near the airport.  When I asked who is this person or group distributing plots for free.  She said it’s our owner, he is a very rich man and very kind too.  I then asked her to give me the paper so I can verify them before any payment but she refused.  A couple of days later I passed by and noticed the board wasn’t there anymore.  I already figured it out that they were cheaters.

Then met many cheaters who were skillful in deceiving through legal ways.  Why am I saying that because papers cannot be prepared with seals and stamps on it without lawyer’s cooperation.  How they get approved by KDA (Karachi development Authority) is another crime story.

So it’s common people working in government offices who have corrupted the whole society.  From clerk to the head of the department.  Their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, girl friends…they all enjoy the ‘black money’ but never question their men how they earn it.  In other words, our women are equally responsible for spreading corruption in our society.

One is the case of FAIZAN-E-ZAINAB Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.  Registration #K-2095.  Three years ago, they had office at H-108 A, Supreme Corner, Jauhar Chowrangi, Block-18, Gulistan-e-Jauhar and their phone number was 462218.  The map describes the location near, Taiser Town, Gulshan-e-Maymar and Ahsanabad.  They are not there anymore, neither the office, nor the land.  The members (the one who paid installments) had many meetings with them but couldn’t recover their money.  Just to save others from his mockery, his name is MAZHAR NAQVI and his current mobile number is 03332270991, he is traced with his new office somewhere in GULSHAN area.

Sunnis also have a remarkable history of fraud and dishonesty.  This particular group is a stain on Shiite community.  This man somehow succeeded in betraying his own sect.

Another thing, if they have to cheat, why do they use the sacred names of Islamic history?  How cruel!

I usually don’t like to discuss things on the basis of faith, language or any sect.  But now I feel like doing that.  The reason is not hatred but the intention that all groups whether ethnic, religious or political check over the culprits in their own communities, identify them and bring them to the courts for justice.  Because when others do that, it causes a lot of problems.


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12 Responses to Land Mafia

  1. بلوچ says:

    Madam its not Baloch Pathan Muhair Sindhi Punjabi , Shia , Sunni etc , its the criminal element of the society consist of every sector . unfortunately this element grown up under the corrupt structure of state and it is growing by every passing day .

  2. Rubik says:

    The corrupt structure of state????? State is comprised of people, the most active ingredient of any society. People are born at homes. They grow under the supervision of their parents and relatives. Good or bad, they get inspiration and training from there. They see their elders planing for corruption and doing injustices at homes. With this criminal mentality, right outside their homes, they join parties and groups, they are elected as leaders, they give support to other criminal elements, make a dominant force and rule the country.

    As I have already said I don’t point at people like this. But the fact is that their crimes are covered by their family members, are ignored by relatives, are supported by friends, are endorsed by their colleagues, are justified by their ethnic groups, their communities. Shia try to cover up Shia and justify their misdeeds by pointing at Sunnis. Sunnis to the same in reverse. Balochi, Pathan, Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu Speakiing… they all first ignore and then justify the criminal elements of their communities. When anyone blames Baluchi, your blood boils. Blame Karachiites, Urdu Speaking gets emotional. Point finger at Pathans, Shahi Syed reminds that “pathan don’t forget their revenge” and then they threaten by calling millions of pahtans to take revenge. Punjabis wouldn’t care about anyone but Punjabis.

    This is the reason why we failed in ending or reducing corruption. I wish if following sunnah, we would have succeeded in gathering good and just elements of society to stand against these criminals. But we don’t do that. Because NONE of the COMMUNITY wants to do that. We close our eyes at lower level of corruption and we end up blaming the state, the system, the elites and the leaders.

    By the way, “Good elements verses Bad elements” regardless of any discrimination is the basic ideology of Islam, which is missing at every level. Even Muslims have even rejected it by endorsing the “Natural Division on the basis of tribes and families”.

  3. بلوچ says:

    Madam when structure of a building is laid on false foundations , how do you expect it will get better on the same foundations? The fact is this state was created by false interpretations of nationhood, it was just to protect the interests of western masters.
    Yes it is same as you have explained the crime is ignored , supported and then justified by parents , relatives and than the groups respectively , same was done with this British gift of Pakistan . What the privileged society is doing today is trying to justify the national crimes.
    So please demolish the building which is laid upon the false foundations , lay down true and strong foundations than try to build it as strong as you need , otherwise all the efforts will go in trash.

  4. بلوچ says:

    Basic Ideology of Islam went with the winds in very early days of Islam , War of Jamal , Karbala and than ummyad regime are all the part of Islamic history . Now the name of Islam is used to enslave the nations just.

  5. Rubik says:

    Family as a unit is the foundation of a state or any system. Everything begins at home. Correcting family system helps in reducing the crime rate. For that purpose, sincere people, the one who believe in the ideology of “good verses bad” will have to come forward and rebuild the structure.
    What you call “The Privileged Society” is actually the “The Joint Criminal Forces” from every community means the BAD. Each member of this TPS or TJCF has pledged their lives to commit national crimes against the GOOD. So, the GOOD members from every community will have to join hands to get rid of them.

    Unfortunately, some elements in our society don’t get the idea of JOINING HANDS, WORK TOGETHER, GET-ALONG AND GET MOVING. They stick to the policy of ISOLATION and FIGHT AND DIE for sake of their own interests.

    The teachings of Islam were and are and will be pure forever. Whatever Muslims did, do and will do…will not effect the purity of Islamic principles.

    People mark their existence by good or bad actions. Islamic or non-Islamic, the entire human history is full of such battles and incidents. It was always a combat between “GOOD and BAD”.

    Efforts never go in trash. They give results either in this world or will be paid off in the Hereafter.

  6. بلوچ says:

    Well better to wait for hereinafter , and for any ideology , its purification is known by its followers . What do muslims do got nothing with Islam than why the previous heavenly religions were sake ? It is the followers of any ideology who keep it and represent it . In the entire history you can not mention such incidents in any society .
    Just talk of any islamic teaching which is left pure as it was ? just name a few if you can ?
    I am a muslim , a proud and practicing muslim but I am well aware that nothing in my religion is pure as it was . Except Quran , but there are fingers raised on the purity of quran by muslims themselves . I am not talking of any one else but muslims .

  7. Rubik says:

    Previous teaching of heavenly religions are still pure. It’s the followers who have been corrupt. Muslims follow not Qur’an but their own interpretations and that’s really has nothing to do with Islam.

    How can anyone claim to be a proud practicing Muslim if nothing in religion is left pure? Qur’an is the basic source of Islamic teaching. If Qur’an is pure, then religion is pure. If anyone claims that Islamic teachings are disfigured and not Qur’an, then what that person is talking about???

  8. بلوچ says:

    @Previous teaching of heavenly religions are still pure. It’s the followers who have been corrupt.

    If case is so than what do you think of muslims?

  9. Rubik says:

    Muslims are corrupt, they choose to divert from the great teachings, they intended to follow the maulvis of their choice. What they call “Respecting Qur’an and believing in it” means to put it high on the shelve. They don’t open it in order to understand it, to learn the language, to understand the message. They just read the text which they don’t know what they are reading.

    So it’s Muslims and not Qur’anic or Islamic teachings have become impure. Same is the case with other religions.

    That is why there is still and will always be a chance for humanity to revert to the pure and simple ideology. that is the only way to peace and prosperity.

  10. بلوچ says:

    Lets hope a little .

  11. Kashif says:

    I think we are either equally responsible for this land grabbing thing, or we have lost our self respect, dignity,
    and faith in GOD. How come a bunch or a dozen of people scare us, take our lands, give threats about politicians, and we just listen and dont take any actions, and become ducks.

    Havent we seen people took action in egypt, and in some other countries. I guess they did only because they were alive, and they refuse to be remain slaves, they had the courage to stand for thier rights.

    Stop complaining, and take action, Talk legal, protest, and
    if nothing works, then give the reply in thier own language.

    Our country will remain a slave, until we wake up, until
    we realize we are more in numbers than these thieves,
    and corrupts politicians, until we realize that
    truth is more stronger than evil, and until we realize
    that no one should have the strength to to take our rights
    from us, and to strip our self respect this badly.

    Lets start from protest, lets all gather up, lets wake up
    people, lets make use of this electronic age, lets unite,
    beleive me …. these corrupt politicians, land mafia is just 5% in number, as compared to the good people in our country, the only thing is that we need to open our eyes.

    We must act, before its too late, recent examples of uprising in so many countries show, that if they can, we
    can do as well, as we are in a bigger need of revolution towards betterness.

    • Rubik says:

      I respect your feelings Kashif. These corrupt politicians and mafia seem to be only 5% but they are not. They are silently supported by millions of common uneducated people of Pakistan. They are legally supported by thousands of corrupt lawyers, judges, police, employees of Karachi Building Authority and estate agents. They belong to common families like mine and yours. It is a complete and concrete network of corruption.
      How many people can you gather for a protest and for how many injustices???
      The only way to break this network is to raise our voices at homes, against every single corruption and injustice, against every single family member, relative and friend.

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