Political Workers

I searched on internet and couldn’t find anything about this topic except for the following link which is about political skills.

Nothing I could find in the three books of Political Science as suggested by Karachi University.  There is only one chapter in each book defining and describing the kinds and function of “Political Parties”.

However, one of the book (author’s name not printed anywhere) mentioned the four things that are necessary to constitute a group of persons into a political party.   1) These people must be organized to carry out principles 2) they must agree on fundamentals of party beliefs 3) they should formulate a clear and specific program for the electorate to win their support and maintain it 4) they should seek to carry out the policies by constitutional means and by capturing government 5) According to Burke, “a body of men united for promoting by their joint endeavors the national interests upon some particular principle in which are all agreed. (It says four but gave 5 points) (the book does not explain the term “group of persons”)

The other book by Mazharul-Haque described the same points under the heading “characteristics of a political party”.  They are 1) Agreement on fundamental views and ideas 2) organization and leadership 3) constitutional methods 4) promotion of national interests.

I made this up myself.

Political workers are one of the factors of a political party.  I don’t know how many factors there should be.  Let’s say the main leadership, the administrators/staff and the political workers.

Political workers play a key role in promoting party’s thoughts and beliefs.  They belong to common people, they live among them, they know how people survive.  They are a source between leader and public.  So they must realize their importance as a political worker and as a good citizen.  They must understand that their national identity and loyalty is superior than their party’s allegiance.

A political worker is an individual who agrees with the political thoughts or ideology or agenda of a political party and joins it.  He/she fills out their membership form and/or take oath of loyalty.

A political worker is given multiple tasks to achieve party’s goals. He/she is asked….. 1) to propagate party’s agenda among his/her family, friends and neighbourhood 2) to convince people to support them for a better future through logical reasons and not just by emotions 3) to influence people with good character and nice behavior to gain moral support and to avoid racism and discrimination 4) to have knowledge of and respect and obey country’s law and avoid civil disobedience  5) to be firm, honest and sincere with their co-workers and the leadership 6) to be ready with the updates regarding party activities and party’s progress 7) to be prepared for the accountability by the leadership 8 ) to be alert about public opinion and public response 9) to be wise enough to avoid unnecessary arguments and conflicts with the opponents and to keep an eye on their activities 10) to be ready for the changes that may take place any time.

I am not sure about…. 1) if all or some political workers are being paid or work voluntarily 2) if they are provided with funds by the party for running their campaign or they raise money on their own 3) if they are promised any compensation by the party in case of losing their employment, facing social boycott 4) if their families and dependents are promised for a financial support if they lose their lives 5) what kind of legal assistance they are provided with in case of illegal detention by government or any agency 6) if in Pakistan, political workers are aware of their responsibilities even as a good citizen 7) if they are handed over their job descriptions 8 ) if they are trained to be helpful to the public in disasters and during turmoils 9) if they are being asked to upgrade their knowledge about local and foreign affairs 10) if they are really a driving force to form or change public opinion 11) what they are supposed to do or how should they react if at some point they find their party betraying the nation or becoming dangerous to the national integrity or a threat to the nation’s sovereignty.




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3 Responses to Political Workers

  1. بلوچ says:

    Nice post to initiate progressive debate. It looks if political parties are like a corporate setup and political workers are subordinates of a party , its leadership and administrative staff is like the CEO . In current political culture of Pakistan it is some how true but if the debate is about the true essence of politics and a political worker than I may disagree with you.

  2. Rubik says:

    I couldn’t think of any other setup because of the financial matters. In Pakistan, only rich people can lead a party otherwise how will they generate funds for their campaigns and staff salary? Plus the leading positions are fixed for leaders’ family and relatives. So I don’t know why people join political parties in Pakistan, if there is no chance for them to grow and serve the nation.

    The main focus of this post is the status of political workers in a party and in our society. In general, party workers are usually treated as agents or spies. I have no idea how they are treated by the staff and other co-workers. One thing that I am sure about is that they are not given any kind of training to develop political skills and understandings. No benefits, no compensation…then why do they choose to work for them?

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