Catzillah brought life


Mother Catzillah with her five kittens and an adopted one.


Catzillah brought life to our building.  The day before yesterday, she gave birth to five kittens, four her colour and a black one.  Today she adopted an unwanted new born black baby.  Now she is feeding six kittens.

She gave people a reason to smile and laugh and talk.  As Everyone thought that she is our pet, the residents including the guard congradulated us and asked us to distribute sweets.  I said yeah, wait till aqiqah ceremony.


I was thinking about naming them after the four provinces and Gilgit and Kashmir.


It’s been a nice activity for children since Tuesday.  On their return from school and college, they first run to see what she is doing.

She was tired after giving birth to five, didn't eat anything for 24 hours.

The Memon aunty (this is what she is called by everyone) comes down from the fourth floor.  The university girl from the other part of the building sits next to them and pats them.

They are so delicate.

The family living upstairs are very kind and blessed.  They keep her inside at night and outside the gate at day time.  They clean her box while we are only responsible for her food.

She has become a celebrity.  All teens took her pictures and uploaded them on computer.



My daughter made her a more spacious box to stretch her body.


Before the neigbours had issues about keeping her.  Now she is everyone’s favourite.  When I told them about calling Edhi Animals’ Shelter to take them away, they don’t want Catzillah to go.  Friends of some building kids have agreed to adopt couple of kittens.

My daughter says she has become khala and I am the nani of these kittens.  She fixed them a box little spacious than the previous one.

She was a street kitten who came to us in search of food last Shawwal.  We were criticized and verbally scolded many times.  They had issues about her messing up the building.  We had to convince them that she needs some training.

Though she never gave us a hard time except for dragging food on floor while eating or having fights with stranger cats.  She doesn’t want any cat to visit our place.  She only eats chicken liver, chicken meat and fish.   She prefers milk over beef.  But sometimes she ate paratha and bun from the little girl upstairs.

She is very innocent.  She had started trusting us two families in very first month.  Last five months, she spent playing with the little girl upstairs, catching flies in the air, running after the rat on the ground floor, accompanying building children to the gate at school timings.  She even followed them to the public park in the back.  The maids and guests have got used to her coming in their way.

She has changed the perception of the residents of this building.  She kept us busy for last five months.  Now we are having fun with her kittens.  What a lovely cat she is!


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

One Response to Catzillah brought life

  1. Verda says:

    Aww! Many congratulations to you and the residents of your building! =)

    I was so happy the day Hibah called me and told me that I’m finally a khala! =D Haha.
    I think you wrote a beautiful post Rubi. It is almost magical the way little and most of the time things & beings we consider unimportant bring happiness in our lives! I love Catzilla and I hope I get a chance to come by and see her and her kids soon! =)

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