Muslim’s interest in settling affairs

“Muslim’s existence is all due to their faith.  Through Equality and Justice they can saturate.  Preferring geographical, tribal, foundations, they disintegrate.  Mourning over blood they shed to separate.”

It wasn’t a long ago when People’s Party, Nawaz Sharif Party and Jamat-e-Islami claimed that they represent the voice of one hundred and sixty million people.  Now they only talk about eliminating corruption.  MQM, PTI and APML have appeared on the scene, not with the same declaration but an assumption that they will succeed in healing this wounded nation.  MQM’s ideology and methodology to gain power, even with a shimmering display of their only show-piece Mustafa Kamal, is a threat to the ideology of Pakistan.

Just like other Muslim populations of the world, people of Pakistan have also been betrayed by their beloved-elected politicians many times.  They seem overwhelmed by the joyous crowd of many Muslim countries who stood against their “once-beloved-to-them” elected dictators.  Husni Mubarak and Zen Ali are gone.  Qaddhafi is losing his control.  Other Muslim countries in Africa and Middle East are following their trail.  I wonder how will these poor, pathetic common Muslims will settle their affairs.

Pakistan due to it’s political instability is expected to join them soon.  Following countries share the boundaries, region and history.   How are we going to proceed towards a change?  What if we get rid of the politicians?  Who will replace these animals…..the religious mosters…Jamat-e-Islami, JUI, Dawat-e-Islami, Shiite group, Sunni group etc…..?  These groups are arrogant and full of hatred.  They can sell whole Pakistan over a tiny piece of land where they can continue their mockeries in the name of religion.  On borders we are trapped by Afghanis who have a long history of their brutal warlords and have already created a hell inside our boundaries.  We should expect not a bit of mercy from MQM’s favourite and allies of Afghan warriors “The Indians”.

Algeria, an African republic of thirty six million people were declared free in 1962 from French occupation since 1830.

Bahrain, a rightful description of Quranic/Arabic word “bahrain” meaning two seas.  The islands now bearing a population of only 1.3 million people got independence from Persia in 1783 and remained as a British colony till August 15, 1971.

Egypt, the land of ancient civilizations, the most important geographical feature of Islamic history is now a country of eighty million people.  They achieved their first independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1867.  After been through many revolts, it was finally declared the republic on June 18, 1953 and has been under the emergency law since then.

Libya, a homeland to almost seven million people, was a colony of Italy before World War II.  In 1943-1947, France and United Kingdom controlled the area.  On December 24, 1951, it was declared the Kingdom of Libya by Idris As-Senussi.  September 1, 1969, Muammar Abu-Minyar Al-Qaddhafi led a coup against King Idris and ruled the country till now.  As of today, east part of Libyans are celebrating freedom from capital Tripoli.

Sudan, a country of over forty million people, got independence for Egypt and United Kingdom on January 1, 1956.  Being the most complicated kind of country, the people suffered the civil war for almost thirty five years (from 1955 to 1972 and then from 1983 to 1989), which now has resulted in the separation of Southern Sudan.

Tunisia, the land of almost eleven million people, was a French colony until March 20, 1956.  In January 2011, people gained freedom from their own many times elected President Zen Al-Abedine El-Ali.

Yemen, another country consisted of many islands and twenty-four million people was unified on May 22, 1990.  This is perhaps the only example of unification of two territories; the North Yemen got independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1918 while the South Yemen were liberated from United Kingdom in 1967.

Had common Muslim ever taken interest in settling political, religious and foreign affairs instead of demanding just “roti, kapra, makan or position”, they had not confronted such miseries.


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