Human History

This is one human history we all share.

Sometimes I think that what if the world was a thirteen or twenty-six episode serial or a one-time theater performance.  I mean all human beings born at one time, taking turns in groups representing the gradual evolution over times while others watching them acting.  This way nobody would have had problems of missing history or been confused about the future.

That would’ve been excluding the prehistoric era because even then nobody would like to see giant reptiles roaming around.  But if they were present there, the part of our era would have been changed to fight over something else and not fossil fuel.

The Ice-Age episode would freeze the audiences, they would have been sitting wearing fur coats.  Stone-age time, Pakistanis would have been requested to close their eyes, lol.  Dark Ages, lights would have been turned off.

Hmmm, what do you think how long the show would have gone on, the same few hundred millenniums?  Wouldn’t that have been fun?   Nope, not at all.

Thank goodness it didn’t happen like that.  We all are born in suitable times otherwise I had to skip a lot.

O yeah and most important, nobody then would have had any issues about their origin, where they exactly belong to.  Because Adam (peace be upon him) would have been there all the times.  Hey!  Why teasing yourself with ambiguity?  Just believe in the Qur’anic fact of man’s origin and save yourself from a deep, down depression.  That is that we all came from Adam.  This is the only truth about our origin.  Man’s genealogy is all interlinked.  At least the part of history we are living in, either from mother side or father side, we are not original anymore.  At least not everybody.  Arabs, Jews, Africans, Persians, Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Russians, Pathans, Balochis, Punjabis, Sindhis, Afghanis, Dehli walay, Luknow walay, Amroha walay,  etc.

Oh, I just remembered.  This one-time performance will occur on the Day of Judgement anyway.  All mankind and Jinns watching their replay at one time.  😦 I will request Allah (SWT) to skip mine.

By the way, have they really worked upon the Jurassic Park idea, extracting the blood of dinosaurs and reproducing them through frog’s eggs?  This is not exciting at all.  The world is already facing food crisis, if dinosaurs go hungry, we will serve for their one time meal.  Oooooo, I’m shivering of fear.

Naaaaa, just kidding.


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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