Housing for Single Women

Life is really rough and tough for single women in Pakistan.  At government level, there has never been any project under consideration to solve their problems, no expectations from them in next hundred years.

I tried but I couldn’t find any information about any such housing facilities.  Edhi Foundation, Darul-Aman and another one (I forgot the name) take girls or women in severe cases but their environment is not suitable for normal single women.

Usually these women do earn their livelihood but obviously cannot run the whole budget on one income.  Separate housing is unaffordable because of high rents.  Sharing a house with family members or relatives means share the food and utility expenses, plus the unrest by family visitors.  Mostly they become the victim of sexual harassment by their own relatives, which they are expected to ignore in courtesy.  Finally, being overburdened with family favors, they are usually deprived off the right of taking decisions for their own children.

I wish if there was a hostel type of  housing available in Karachi for single women or single mothers at reasonable cost.  It is not that hard.  Someone just need to build three or four story building with few spacious rooms with attached bath, one study room, a cafeteria, a hall in the middle to be used for various purposes and a lawn or a playground.  The residents can be charged for rent, utilities and food.  They should be made responsible to follow regulations and to maintain the premises.  As soon as they save enough money, they can move out to place of their own.

In our society, women are counted as dependent upon their fathers, brothers, husbands or sons.  They are not allowed to do their financial activities independently, they don’t open separate bank accounts, they are expected to handover their inheritance to their men in house and most of them don’t even travel unless accompanied by their male family members.  Even if they want to do all this, they still need a male support to deal with the men outside otherwise they are cheated very easily.  They are not aware of the laws, they don’t know the documents, they have no idea about the legal process of any activity.  If they employed then their employment gradually causes them to lose the main financial support from their husbands.

Pakistani women need to do something about making their life easier.  They need to learn to do things on their own.  They should find out the ways that can lead them to a peaceful and independent life style.



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