May I Come In?

“TTeacherrrr, may I come in?”  Long ago, it used to be one of the first sentences to learn in the curriculum of English Medium Schools in Pakistan.  That was considered conversation for beginners and part of school and office manners.

Even at homes, youngsters used to ask permission before entering elder’s room or interrupting them for any reason, “abba jaan hazir ho sakta hoon?, abba jaan aap say baat kerni hay?”.  Although, the youngsters were one hundred percent sure that their permission will be declined at first, “abhi nahi baad main anaa” but still they followed the ethics.

It is no more.  Manners are not the part of schooling and our family life any more.

I am not sure if at jobs they still ask permission they same way, “May I come in Sir?”

I read this article titled “Master Qadir, tum kahan ho” written by Ataul-Haq Qasmi in Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu Newspaper about eleven years ago.  It was a true story.  Master Qadir was a teacher, a dedicated one.  He never took a day off from his work in his whole life.  Even the day when his daughter’s dead body was lying in the house.  Family members waited for him to come home to offer funeral prayers and for burial.

My brother-in-law’s late father also never took a day off in his twenty years of service time.  After his retirement, he was granted with three years of paid-vacations along with his pension.  He collected daily newspapers that were subscribed to him from his office, sold them to kabari at the end of the month and submitted that amount in his office.  He never used the office car for his personal use.  He died very peacefully as at the last moments he kept uttering Kalimah Tayyabah and durood.

My immediate family is also very strict about showing professionalism at work.

The situation now is very disappointing.  I see teachers, officers and workers making excuses for stupid reasons.  “Meri bhabi kay bacha honay wala hay, meri nand ki aaj delivery hay, mera bhanja hospital main hay, meri phuppi kay baitay ka accident ho gaya, meray cousin ki aaj flight hay, meray husband nay aaj chutti ki hay, meri behan ko lay kay jana hay, meri khala Lahore say aa rahi hain, aaj meray sur main dard hay, …..”  I don’t get it.  All these things happen everyday to everyone.  They are the part of our life.  Why skipping a day for a daily routine?  You don’t want to work then sit home.  Why bothering yourself to sacrifice family terms and relations for your jobs?

Then those who are punctual but don’t follow rules themselves.  Bank employees use mobile phone on premises while restrict customers from using it inside banks.  Employees anywhere litter around, drop food while eating and don’t clean it.  Government employees spit paan right on the stair case, corners or walls of their buildings.

May be it is all employers’ fault.  They should hand over a job description sheet clearly stating the responsibilities to the candidates before their appointment.  The ethics and manners should be made the part of their job description.


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