Faith and Money – Two Sides of a Coin called Islam

Aren’t five times namaz (salah) enough for five times meditation if performed calmly regularly on daily basis?

Isn’t Friday sermon enough reminder of obligations if delivered wisely on weekly basis?

Isn’t one month fasting enough dieting and training to restrain from bad if observed properly on yearly basis?

Isn’t zakah money (yearly charity) enough for building a welfare system if collected and distributed honestly on yearly basis?

Isn’t Hajj the best combination of traveling, worshiping, disassociating from worldly affairs and meeting Muslims around the world at the same time?

Aren’t these four pillars of Islam enough curriculum for Muslims’ Islah-wa-Tarbiyyah (correction and training)?

For true Muslims, yes they are.  Then why do some Muslims look out for other ways for Islah-wa-Tarbiyyah?  Mehfil-e-Milad by professionals, Seasonal Dars, Raiwand Gathering … how can these non-sunnah activities be justified when the basic pillars are missing or are not performed properly.  These extra-curricular activities provide nothing but mullahs/scholars and their team with financial gain, sugar in blood and laziness in earning money.  They plan these kind of events to avoid proper employment.

These mullahs and religious people misguide people by preaching faith is important than money.  Making money is materialism.

Shouldn’t earning from halal sources be on top of the list?  Isn’t money the equally important factor of basic pillars as faith?  If yes, then why Islamic works are done by charity and beggary?


To pray in mosques, people need to build mosques with bricks and cement.  Money is needed for that.  Also to pay the electric bill if it is not provided by kunda.

To pay zakah or sadiqah, people need to earn enough that they can save some amount at the end of the year.

For fasting, people need money to buy food for iftar and sehri.

For pilgrimage, people need to earn enough to pay for the ticket, luggage and accommodation.

My conclusion:  As faith is important for spiritual growth, earning (money) is equally important for physical and social growth.  So there shouldn’t be any argument about “iman bara ya paisa (what is more valuable, faith or money?)

Did I say people shouldn’t offer nawafil?  No, I didn’t.  But shouldn’t people focus on faraidh more than nawafil?

Some precious sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)…

“Receiving education is mandatory upon all Muslims (men and women).”……….(compare this hadith to the logical reasoning our society provides for not educating girls.)

“The best among you is the one who learns Qur’an and teaches it to others.”…….(who wants to be the best one? any Jew, Christian, Hindu hmmm, Muslim)

“Visiting sick people and saying nice words to them is fard upon Muslims.”…….(Pakistanis get sick because of their own negligence, so our hospitals are the right places for their punishment.  Rightful patients must be visited as the Prophet said.)

“None of you have faith until you like for your brother what you like for yourself.”……….(Eham eham! equality and brotherhood is fard.)

“Hell lies hidden behind evil (worldly desires) and paradise is screened behind hard labour.”…….(Beware mullahs and madrassah’s permanent residents – begging is a worldly desire.)

“Facilitate things to people, do not make it hard for them, give them good tidings and do not make them run away.”……….. (O God, be witness, people don’t facilitate me with clean roads.  They spit everywhere and make it hard for me to walk outside.  That is why I can’t enjoy your beautiful world for your men in beard and MQM evils have messed it up with paan spitting.  They make me run away.)



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4 Responses to Faith and Money – Two Sides of a Coin called Islam

  1. UmerSultan says:

    “These mullahs and religious people misguide people by preaching faith is important than money. Making money is materialism.”

    No scholar preach this, they preach to earn from Halal sources, instead of Halal, and to live a simple life instead of the lavish lifestyle. Anyone who is connected with Ulema established on Quran-o-Sunnah knows that, except those who entertain themselves with criticizing the Ulema who have dedicated their lives to pass down the knowledge of Islamic sciences from the previous generation to the next, starting with the Prophet Muhammad.

    Instead of writing this post, did you consult a scholar regarding your concern? I don’t think so!

  2. UmerSultan says:

    *they preach to earn from Halal sources, instead of Haraam.

  3. Rubik says:

    To understand this post, one must come to Pakistan (without revealing foreign nationality) and spend a quality time among different religious groups and uneducated majority.

  4. Rubik says:

    I usually don’t entertain myself by criticizing mullahs and scholars.

    But I have seen mullahs and scholars entertaining themselves with the WORLDLY INVENTIONS and TECHNOLOGY OF KUFFAR, enjoying their SYSTEM which is totally based on MATERIALISM in BILADUL KUFR (LAND OF DISBELIEVERS). Yeah, the lands where major sins like prostitution, wine, pork/lard, gambling, vulgarity are practiced in almost every other house, very openly. Religious or non-religious, young or old, men or women…..Muslims run to the lands of major sins for safety and for religious freedom.????????????????????????

    Then to satisfy and pacify MISKEEN, MAGHLOOB UMMAH and to keep themselves and their followers from embarrassment, they lullaby that don’t worry disbeliever will go to Hell because they have no faith and spend materialistic lives.
    I wonder why would millions of disbelievers be thrown into Hell while they are providing shelter, employment, research and educational opportunities, healthy environment, moralities, good welfare system to millions of MISKEEN, BAD-HAAL, MAGHLOOB, BEYBUS, DOLLAR-DREAMING UMMAH from all around the world????

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