Pakistan Tujhey Salam

Tenth Independence Day in Pakistan ….. How are we celebrating it?  No national anthem or Quaid-e-Azam’s speech as usual, not even national songs.

کل چودھویں کی رات تھی, شب بھر رہا چرچا تیرا۔۔۔
چودھویں کا چاند… پاکستان… جی, چودہ اگست کو نکلا تھا۔۔۔ اسلام کی چودھویں صدی میں طلوع ہوا۔۔۔
کافی سے بھی زیادہ لوگ اس پر تھوک چکے۔۔۔ لیکن وہ جو کہا ہے نہ کہ چاند کا تھوکا منہ پرآتاہے ۔۔۔ تو وہی بات ہو رہی ہے اب تک ۔۔۔ کرلے جس کا جو جی چاہے۔۔۔

Everybody wants to see a change in Pakistan.

Ex-Pakistanis, on their occasional visits get disappointed, “Pakistan hasn’t changed, it has gone worse”.  I tell them it is not Pakistan, it is people who haven’t changed and have gone worse.  Among these people are your family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, in-laws.  Did you ever try to change their minds?  Did you ever stop them from corruption?  Did you ever raise your voices against injustice at home?  No, then, what do you complain about.  You may be successful in other countries but in Pakistan, you are just a loser.  So you better ‘shut up’ and mind your own business.

Those who live here, what kind of change do they expect?  For an individual change, just follow the footsteps of ex-Pakistanis.  For a collective change, people must think, dream and work collectively.

Change means ‘not the same, something different’.  How can we expect a change while behaving, living and working the same way.  It will keep giving us the same results, a continues decline.

Things are changed by erosion, weather effects, disasters or by people.  The last one has to be meaningful because it involves human efforts.

How about bringing a change this 14th of August?  Don’t worry about the society, the city or the country.  The quickest change comes into effect when people take responsibility of their own and of those they are raised among.  Their family, relatives, friends, neighbors.

Are people ready to stop their family members, relatives, friends and neighbours from throwing garbage on the streets, from spitting everywhere, from violating traffic laws, from corruption in any department?

Are they disciplined enough to spend time to learn the national anthem of Pakistan and spread it, to know, understand and discuss the ideology of Pakistan, to express their love and respect to the founders of Pakistan?

Will they dare to raise their voices against unnecessary, unreasonable and non-Islamic customs and traditions in their surrounding?

Will they accept a unified educational system for their children and will not support imported curriculum?

Are they mentally and physically prepared ‘not to tolerate’ but literally respect others’ opinion and give others a chance to live their life?

Are they ready to impose justice and deliver the due rights to family members at home?

Being loyal to Pakistan means being loyal to Allah and His Prophet (pbuh).  Will they be more loyal to Pakistan than their kinship, friendship and any other relationship?









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