India Burns

“In August 1947, the British decided to quit India after nearly 200 years of taking power. India, one the most ethnically diverse nations in the world was to be divided. One country will now become two, India and Pakistan. The once peaceful land now implodes, people are forced out the villages that they have lived in for generations. 15 million scramble to be on the right side of the boarder, at least 1 million die in the process. Communities that have lived together for centuries turn on each other in one of the worst communal massacres of the 20th century. Britain the once great colonial power looks on as India Burned.”  (taken from the video India Burned)


The definition of the geographical extent of Indian subcontinent varies. Historically forming the whole territory of Classical India, now it generally comprises the countries of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; prior to 1947, the three nations were historically combined and constituted British India. It almost always also includes Nepal, Bhutan, and the island country of Sri Lanka and may also include Afghanistan and the island country of Maldives.  The region may also include the disputed territory of Aksai Chin, which was part of the British Indian princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, but is now administered as part of the Chinese autonomous region of Xinjiang. A  booklet published by the United States Department of State in 1959 includes Afghanistan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India, Nepal, and Pakistan as part of the “Subcontinent of South Asia”.  When the term Indian subcontinent is used to mean South Asia, the islands countries of Sri Lanka and the Maldives may sometimes not be included, while Tibet and Nepal may be includedor excluded intermittently, depending on the context. (Wikipedia)


If they blame Mr. Jinnah for what is going wrong in Pakistan now, who do they hold responsible for what is going wrong now in India?  Hindus were in majority.  Their leaders had more influence on British rulers than Muslims.  Why couldn’t they save the subcontinent from division when even half of the Muslims and mullahs/scholars were against the establishment of Pakistan and supported Congress?  Mr. Jinnah, his team and his Muslim supporters were a minority.  Why did they still succeed in their mission?

1) The Subcontinent was not divided into two but many countries.  All those countries together were called Hindustan.  Then why is the propaganda only against Pakistan and Mr. Jinnah?

2) “the once peaceful land now implodes”….. oh really, Muslims and Hindus never had any problem prior to 1946?  Were they really living in peace and loved each other?  Hindus and other non-Muslim minorities never caused trouble for Muslim rulers?  Muslims in different states of the subcontinent were united and showed solidarity to other minorities?

3) “one million die in the process of division”….well, how many died in the War of Independence 1857 and who fought the war against whom?  How many died in the process of extending the subcontinent by different rulers?  How many have died in Indian Occupied Kashmir and for what reason?

4) How safe are Muslims in India?  Why didn’t Indian government reward Indian Muslims for not supporting Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam?  Why didn’t Indian Muslim show Pakistanis after the partition that look, this is how you should have lived with Hindus and other minorities, in peace and harmony?

5) How safe is India for Christians and other minorities?

6) British – where ever they went, they caused injustice, hatred and division.  I can understand why America has become the greatest problem for the world peace.  They originally came from Britain.


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