Army Operation

How can those who believe in “war is not a solution for peace”, suggest or support army operation in their own cities?

Pakistan along with many Muslim countries is suffering from American and NATO armed attacks.  Millions of children, men and women have been killed, tortured and misplaced because of their planned “Crushing the Muslims” policies.  They spend money to raise corrupt individuals as political leaders and use them to create chaos and hatred.  When nations become weaker, they attack.

Khaybar-Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and now Karachi — corrupt and criminal minded politicians of Pakistan and their workers/agents are quiet on the current situation of Karachi.  Police works under political influence.  This is enough evidence that politicians are behind this bloody game and their only agenda is to involve Pakistan Army in Karachi.  Later on, as always, they will run a campaign “People of Pakistan attacked by their own army”, they will not use the word “terrorists”.

I have a request to General Kayani.

Sir, if you really think that you launch your operations on public opinion.  Then here is my opinion.

If you have already decided then I would support this operation under few conditions.

As you are the men of order and discipline….

1) Before your operation, you must ban wall-chalking and banners of political parties around the city because it is all done by political leaders on purpose .

2) You order all political parties to remove party flags and photos of political leaders from roads, streets and educational institutions.

3) Before your operation, ask people that they will not condemn the arrests and killings done by Pak-Army.

4) Ask the entire political leadership to promise in public that they will not run their election campaign based on arrests and killings done by Pak-Army.

5) You will arrest the leaders of ANP, MQM and PPP for being failure in controlling the situation and for being responsible for numerous deaths in Karachi.



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