I Condemn…

1) I condemn everyone who says, “Karachi belongs to everyone or Karachi belongs to mahajirs”.

I say, “It is not Karachi but whole Pakistan belongs to all Pakistanis.  As Pathans and Balochis swarm to Karachi to earn their livelihood, seize properties, do businesses – other Pakistanis must be allowed to go and live in their provinces as well.  Well, since you don’t accept this right of other Pakistanis in your provinces – God has arranged America and India to seize your lands and make your lives Hell for you in your own beloved provinces.

Karachi doesn’t belongs to mahajirs by the way.  Mahajir or migrants cannot be trusted with anything since this term is meant for a temporary stay.  You want some space in Karachi, prove to God that you are a permanent member of this country and not a mahajir.  You claimed your right on this city the wrong way, God has arranged racists from other provinces for your removal.

So again, not Karachi but whole Pakistan belongs to Pakistanis, those who are loyal to this country and not to any political party, those who sing National Anthem and National Songs, those who raise National Flag high, those who respect others’ right to live.

2) I condemn Army operation in Karachi.

I ask, “Is our Army worth fighting gangs in towns?  Wouldn’t that weaken their power and strength?  Aren’t they supposed to be on borders and keep an eye on the enemies?  Why has not the government tried Rangers and Police with full authority?  If people say that police is corrupt and is under political influence – then it is obvious that politician ruling Karachi don’t want their agents/terrorists in police to get into trouble.  In fact, very cleverly they want to misuse and abuse army.

Have people forgotten the Lal-Masjid incident?  This is how Army controls the situation even in their own country?  With tanks and gunship helicopters, we can’t expect them to behave like Edhi?

What was the result of Lal-Majid, Swat and Balochistan operations?  Army took action on public opinion and Army was finally blamed by public.

We expect our soldiers to sacrifice their lives for us, do rescue operations during disasters, be at borders and do police job in cities – in return we blame them for using half of the budget, for dishonoring mosques (while we support terrorists inside the mosques), for kidnapping people (while we know it is done by political terrorists).



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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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