Learning Chinese in Pakistan

So this is the list of my top posts out of more than 300 writings from Sept 10, 2010 – Sept 10, 2011 beside homepage clicks;

1) Elderly people of Pakistan 215                    2) Theory of Islamic State 153

3) Famous Theories of Islamic State 141     4) Eighteen Weeks 121

5) Veena and Mufti 118                                        6) Urdu 116

7) Hazrat Hussain ibn Ali 107                         8 ) Mother Language Day  105

Not bad! Right?

The rest had less than 100 clicks.  The descriptions from search engines that worries me the most are the ones probably typed by our desperate students.  For example, ‘B.A Nafsiyaat (Psychology) notes in Urdu”, ‘B.A Siyaasiyaat (Political Science) notes in Urdu’, ‘Urdu notes B.A.’………….

Somebody should seriously start an Urdu blog for students of Bachelors.  Coaching centers don’t arrange classes for them except for English.  Private tutors charge Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 per subject which most of the students cannot afford.  Arts is mainly considered the subject of private students who mostly belong to lower-middle class or middle class.

The standard of our education in public or private schools is almost same.  The only difference is that private schools charge high fees for preparing difficult syllabus to teach at home, most probably by tutors.

We have made ourselves totally dependent upon schooling.  If there are no schools, children can’t learn anything and they do whatever they want to.  This thinking has created an environment of hopelessness and disappointment.

I wonder why everybody talks about changing educational system but nobody takes interest in how, nobody shares their opinion or give suggestions.  We have not introduced Sal Khan’s videos in schools and educational institutions.  All it takes a television/monitor and a video/CD and a little introduction and explanation.  We don’t show Harun Yahya’s scientific work in classes.  For years we have been arguing either Dr. Abdus-Salam’s profile should be the part of science book or not as he was Qadyani.  While at the same time we have no objection on including other non-Muslim scientists and inventors from different parts of the world.

We want our children to learn English and still be a good Muslim but we don’t show our children the Islamic presentations of ICNA and Astrolab.  We don’t encourage them listen to children’s songs in Arabic.

Our children make faces while learning Urdu, Islamiyat, English, Math, S.Studies, Pakistan Studies, Geography, Science.  In this non-learning environment of Pakistan, government has imposed another language to learn as a subject.  Who is going to make the syllabus for Chinese?  Who will teach it?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to first unified the whole educational system before introducing any foreign languages in schools.  We need to get rid of subject wise categories till matriculation.

Foreign languages can be taught on national tv channel like we used to learn Arabic on PTV long time ago.  Why bothering the already collapsed educational system?






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