Rain and Flood in Sindh


















Is there an end to this destruction? 

We face these disasters every year.  Every next year it becomes worse.  Crops and livestock destroyed, people die and left homeless.  Only Pakistan Army is trained to render rescue efforts.  Donors generously empty their pockets to help their fellow citizens.  Few individuals in groups reach the camps to cheer the victims up.

How long will this go on?  Seasons come and go on their scheduled times.  What will happen in next monsoon?

We can’t expect anything from the government as the parliament consists of fake-degree holders, better say ignorant.  Victims are mostly from rural areas or undeveloped parts of cities.  They become helpless as soon as they hit a disaster and lose their place.

What kind of help can educated people provide in this situation?

Heavy loss of  crops and livestock – Can we figure out the result of it?

I think we better change our subject categories from Science, Arts, Commerce and Home Economics to Environment, Nature, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Technology.  That is one way we will have our next generation completely thoughtful about our problems and their solutions.

It is useless to call this situation a national crisis unless we stand together as a nation and take interest in resolving the issues.


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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

3 Responses to Rain and Flood in Sindh

  1. YA ALLAH if ths rains are strange fr people of sindh
    then we pray to u stopd it nd frgiv our sins
    YA ALLAH we pray tht sane peple of PAKISATN

  2. sher muhammad says:

    how did we help our sindhi brothers and others, we are not one nation like japanies , we are thieves , our politician are thievies, federal govt. sindh , blochistan and khaber pakhtonkhaw short his cabnet and can save billions rupees and then can help our brothers .in pakistan every pakistani wants that eat and pass time ,

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