America imposes, Pakistan disposes

















Pakistan and many Muslim countries have been the victims of wild American foreign policies and their militant barbarism.  That exactly has been the reason for their failure in achieving their goals.  Their desire of ruling the world and seize the resources has ruined the world.  They have not achieved anything so far and will never because God has created us all to run the world, not ruin the world.  So for this particular situation that America has created for Pakistan, “America imposes, Pakistan disposes”.

Pakistani people not only stand with Pakistan Armed Forces against external aggression but also against internal conspiracies through American and European agents.

The point is that – is America’s failure in Afghanistan and Pakistan the only reason for their current threat to Pakistan?

What if a part of this threat belongs to the continuous arrests of terrorists by rangers and now even by police?   Would America tolerate Gen. Kiyani’s visit to the flood effected areas, his statements regarding Rangers’ operation in Karachi and his promises to the business community about providing them protection?

What if this threat is a part of their efforts to divert people’s attention from their agents’ (politicians) accountability?

Would America ever appreciate strong ties and support between people and Army of Pakistan while they were expecting and have planned a massacre in the name of revolution like it is happening in Middle-Eastern countries?

A revolution without bloodshed is possible – only people need to unite and encourage their Armed forces to play their role where it is necessary and don’t stand against them.


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2 Responses to America imposes, Pakistan disposes

  1. my faith days Allah is with us

  2. John Stephen says:

    Well whatever USA Say about Pakistani ISI and Army now, Elements from American Media Admitted ISI as the best working agency of the work.

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