Career and Employment Opportunities

The process of globalization has revealed the fact that all countries of the world are facing the same problems (may not be with the same intensity) and are threatened with the same consequences.  High population growth rate, decreasing food resources, severe environmental issues, scarcity of non-renewable resources and ideological extremism (religious and political) – these are the global challenges which people have to face wherever they go and choose to live.  So living where doesn’t matter anymore.  It is how useful can one prove himself/herself in solving issues without blaming a particular place or region.

Again, according to Abi Sina, a child at the age of 14 should be given choices to choose subjects for his/her career.

For children who are now 13 or fourteen years old, what matters as career are the employment (jobs/self-employment) opportunities that will be available for them after six or eight or ten years.  What could be the challenges for them when entering the practical world as a beginner?  Would the nature of jobs be the same in ten years as it is now?

In Pakistan, what is commonly understood by career opportunities is the job that can provide them with all luxuries of life and they typical professions, such as doctor, engineer, pilot, bank manager, hotel manager, professor or lecturer, modeling, acting, singing, drama writer, etc.  All degree and diploma holders dream to find a job where they can enjoy turning sides on a revolving chair in front of a big table covered with computer, printer, telephone, intercom, bunch of pen and markers, note-pads and a peon to serve them with tea, coffee and snacks.  They don’t want to work in villages.  They don’t want to work at low level.

For self-employment, the common dream is to gain 100% profit along with bossing around and with no loss and no expenditures at all.  We don’t do maintenance which can create many jobs.  We don’t modify things or premises.   That increases self-employment.

Growing up with this wrong concept of progress and prosperity, everyone looks depressed and unhappy with what he/she is doing.

If career-based education at the age of 14 is made second level and student in 9th and 10th Grade are expected to gain some professional skills along with basic knowledge of most subjects – then for the third level, new professions can be introduced as career.  (This is not a new idea, most countries are already doing this and that is why they have low unemployment rate and capacity to adjust immigrants from under-developed countries).

Pakistan is blessed with all seasons, all kind of geographical features, almost all kind of natural resources.  We have more suitable circumstances of doing research, development and investment.  Our beaches are ruined, our rivers are polluted, our forest are destroyed, our agricultural lands are spoiled, our botanical capabilities are still undiscovered, our animals are endangered,  our fishing industry is lost, our humans are abused and misused.  The things needed to fill the environment are “understanding the change”,  “innovation”, “try different”, “try in a better way”, “developing theories or hypothesis based on own observations or experiences”, etc.

The reason for no research in Pakistan is said to be the lack of funding.  The government seats are always occupied by the non-eligible politicians backed up by wicked bureaucracy.

What about the fundraising, donations, charities?  We have thousands of welfare homes collecting money for charity purpose.  They can buy a land with this money, use it for farming, botanical, fishery or other money generated projects along with research facilities and employment as well.  They can invest in building beautiful sites, landscapes or other attraction for tourism (even inter-cities tourism can produce good income.

So for me, the reason for no or low or slow research in Pakistan is the lack of interest and passion to achieve some goals.  Pakistan, on both government and public level, is not a poor country.  It is just that both of them don’t want to distribute wealth according to Islamic laws.  Both of them don’t acknowledge the rights of other eligible elements in their income.

For Example:

Karachi is the main center of economical activities in Pakistan.  It serves as the land of opportunities for citizens of other provinces.  Now take a look around for career or employment opportunities in Karachi in next ten years.

Most of the land is used for residential or official purposes.  That provides more accommodation to humans.  Thus, Karachi’s economic life is mainly based upon services.  The high birth rate in country would result in increase in city’s population, therefore, would require more power and water and planning for proper sewerage – and obviously more food.

How can public parks, wildlife conservation parks and sports centers be maintained to serve better in next ten years?

It is also an industrial hub so it manufactures products.  Service sector requires food, cement, wood, steel and iron, fabric material, wool, leather, handcrafts, glass, rubber, plastic, metals, minerals, gas, petrol, etc.  Out of these, food, wood, cotton, wool, leather, rubber are renewable items – Do they grow in Karachi or are imported from other places for industrial use?  Others, even if they are available in Karachi right now, they might become scarce in future for being non-reproducible.

What would be the sources of power and energy in future?

Karachi has a long coastal line, main seaport and fishing harbour.  How can these features provide career-based employment of international standard or any levels of jobs in next ten years?

How would the government and people of Karachi deal with landfills, bad environmental condition and health issues for the next decade?







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