Doctor of Philosophy

October 2011 will be remembered as the worst October in the history of education as the degree of Ph. D lost its value in Pakistan.

Rehman Malik got the honorary Ph. D degree from Karachi University.  KU and MQM are to be blamed equally for this educational blunder.

This is the hardest slap of all on the faces of educated people of Pakistan.  First they were insulted by the nomination of Jamshed Dasti, then fake degree parliamentarians and now Rehman Malik.

As of today, it has become a challenge for common Pakistanis to provide their fellow-citizens with quality education.  So in future we may find a decent way to get rid of these stooges (PPP, MQM, PML-N, ANP etc.)

I wonder if people would still study hard to achieve this degree.  I am not sure if those who have already received Ph. D degree would still be proud of their achievement.

I already doubted the low standards of KU and now their administration has proved that I wasn’t wrong.  I swear I feel pity for those who have accomplished their education from KU and still go there in search of knowledge and wisdom.  Poor KU students don’t know that the way to Ph. D is not through hard study but through corruption, crime and terrorism.

Ishratul-Ibad and Rehman Malik must have had mental and criminal understanding but what’s wrong with KU vice chancellor?



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