Who should a man favour – mother or wife?

Am I a woman, or am I a woman?

So what if I am a woman.

Since I am a woman, I am very powerful.  Sooooo powerful that my counter part specie fears me.  Yeah, that is ‘mmmennn’.  Their belief is weaker than my action.  My one bodily move can shake the building of their faith.  They lose their mind.  They take no time to decide between God and me.  Poor men!

They say I’m no wise, not trustworthy, not worth listening to.  I say, “O you who are weak and embarrased! bring evidence of what you belief or just shut up”.  They utter from their mouths which they have no solid proof of.  They flow with liquidity of their immature thoughts and fall into the drowning mud of embarrassment.

Annnnnnd, because I am a woman, I am very greedy and wicked too.  I realized the strong hold of men on all resources.   They do not educate me.  I know no nimble access to my necessities.  I be their slave either this way or that way, to get my provisions.  Legally, there is no way I can get my bread and butter respectfully.  My simplicity is not enough to convince them.  So, I trick men with my adornment and eloquence.  They say I trick them.  That is because they give by tricking.  Yet, they claim that women are born twisted as they were created with the twisted rib of Adam.  Foolish men!

So this is what I am, a woman.

Just kidding!  🙂 It doesn’t happen like this, not always, right?

Men are not that cruel.  Not to their wives in particular.  It is only that they don’t greet women as practiced by the Prophet (pbuh), don’t smile to them in the day time, quite a few times insult them in front of others, keep their womb occupied with their heirs on annual basis.  It is not their fault though.

They are born innocent bhaeee.  Don’t you see how they get confused between mother, sisters and wife, whom to favour?  And look at women how they enjoy the whole situation, fighting over their beloved ‘money laying rooster’, ha ha ha, a stimuli for their satisfaction.

But really, who should men favour – mother or wife?

Why women even create this situation and make it difficult for men to be just and fair?  How can they deny each other’s right. Both have rights and so do men….. as a father and as a husband.

And men are foolish and weak, I have  just proved it.  The time and energy left after job hours does not allow them to make any wise decisions.  Leaving either one is not a wise decision any way unless otherwise demanded by either side.

One thing that mothers should remember it is that, it is children who have to remember that their Paradise lies under the feet of mothers.  It means that mothers should be provided with all the facilities and should be respected as it is due to them.  Mothers cannot use this honour as a weapon to threaten their children and force them to leave their rights that God has granted them.  This is injustice.  Mothers should be wise enough to understand this.

They should also remember that the Paradise under their feet is not liable for daughter-in-law or son-in-law.

Wives should not forget that they do not own every single paisa their husband earn.  Their husband’s mother do have a share in it.  They should remember that if God has given them sons, as they desire, then one day, they will also become mother-in-law and will suffer the same.  Because God is the Most Just.

Mothers and wives! Let your men curb at home, I mean keep them happy at home, so they do not bother to bother other women on streets or anywhere.

So I also be a good woman.  Otherwise you know me….




About Rubik
I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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