Answers to Students’ Queries

Students are humans too.  They have brains to think and mind to judge.  They want to know about many things.  They want to discuss issues and express their opinions.

Q1) What is the link between social development and economic development?

Q2) Why do we have to learn all this?  What are we gonna do with it?

Ans) Let second go first.

Education is not just to finish syllabus, give exams and get a degree.

The reason you have to learn all this is that you have to learn how to live in this world.  Because if you don’t, people will live your life and you will have to be dependent upon people to live.

Right now you are relying upon your parents.  They are feeding you, they are buying you clothes, you live in their house.  They cannot do that forever.  After 10 or 15 years, you will have to take care of yourself.  You will have a family of your own.  How will you do that?

Now come to the first question.

Before understanding the terms and the link between them, just remember two things; first, you need money to buy necessities of life.  With more money, you can get luxuries you want.  Second, economic development does not prosper in a society which is not socially prepared for it.

Economic development is a process of gathering resources in order to generate more revenue, people of which are the key resource.

Economic development is not a convenience to work 9 to 5 and get salary at the end of the month.  It is to create a convenient environment for such conveniences.  People work 9 to 5 or flexible hours in offices, factories, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, airports, seaports, schools, colleges, malls and shops, etc.  These places provide employment.  If they run properly, expand and make good profit, they can produce more job vacancies.

There are many people who do not want to work just 8 hours a day.  They want to earn more money than monthly salary.  They have saved some money and are capable of running a business.  If they own a shop or a factory or a clinic, they would need helpers.  That would create more jobs for people.

Television channels, radio stations, newspaper and magazines also contribute in job activities.

People also work at places owned by the government, such as electric and gas corporations, police department, public schools and colleges, government hospitals, national T.V. channel, national airline, etc.

Foreigners, the citizens of other countries, can also be good source of income.  They visit our country, pay for accommodation, do shopping and buy souvenirs.

It is people earn from people.  People employee people.  People are the part of any economic cycle.  People should know that they need each other, so they should try to be as helpful as they can in financial matters.

Social development is a process of organizing and utilizing human energies in a way that can satisfy their needs and desires.  It is a process of thinking and struggling for betterment in all aspects.

The true link between the two terms is that when you think about ‘better life’ (which is social development), you think of having money at the same time and how to avail it.  You look out for possibilities in your very surroundings or in a far place.  You find out that money making requires things that you must to consider; appearance, objectives, degree, skills, experience, job hours, working environment, nature of job/job description, attitude, moral values, job-manners, chances of learning more and earning more, etc.

People cannot be selected for jobs with inappropriate appearance.  They cannot keep a job or run a business if they are short-tempered, dishonest, disloyal, crooked and fraud and untrustworthy.

Just think about it.

Would your parents hire a tutor if he/she appears lousy, does not come on time and is not qualified for teaching?

Would you eat from a restaurant that is unhygienic and serves cheap quality food to customers?

Would people go to a doctor who’s clinic is dirty and he/she is not kind and expert in his profession?

Which shopkeeper would get more business, the one who does not weigh or measure accurately or the one who is honest?

How long can a crooked and fraud real estate agent, a sales person, a motor mechanic, a pharmacist or anyone run their business?  How will they end up finally?

Would foreigners visit your country if your streets and roads are full of dirt and garbage, there are no pleasing sights, historical landmarks are not maintained, or people are living a miserable life?

So, what is the conclusion?  You want business from world, you want world to respect you, you world to trust you – you will have to provide reasons for that or nothing will happen.

Social and Economic Development in Pakistan

Let’s start from where we are standing right now.  How optimistic are you, the students, about the working opportunities when you will complete your suggested course of study?  You are not living 50 or 60 years ago when families were fed on the earning of one person.  The unemployment rate was high at that time too but they survived because they were contented with whatever they had.  Their purpose of life was to give families “roti, kapra and makan”.  You are living at the same place but in a different era.  You are growing up in a competitive environment, domestically and internationally.  Your working field is not limited to your national boundaries.  It encompasses the entire globe and thus, you need to prepare yourself for global challenges to achieve your goals.

Before comparing yourself to the students of advanced countries and your life-style to their life-style, just do compare the opportunities too.  Students in foreign countries start working part-time at the age of 14 or 15.  By the age of 16, 17, 18, they have to live on their own, unless they agree to pay their share in rent, food and utilities.  They don’t bother their parents to have enough money for their wedding shopping, dowry and other events.  They celebrate what they can afford.  They don’t mourn and blame their parents if they can’t.  They are not after luxuries but what gives them pleasure and keeps them independent.  They take responsibility of their actions and behaviour.

In contrast, you take for granted all the favours done to you by your parents.  Remember, your parents are not your servants.  They have a right to live their lives too.  Having children and raising them up is not a life time confinement.  You have a right to stand for your rights but not at the cost of your parent’s earnings.  Your abilities to support yourself financially following all moral values would be the best proof to support your demand for freedom.






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