SOS – Dr. A. Q. Khan

Dr. Khan,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu jiddun katheerun

Many many good wishes, love, respect and salute to the hero and pride of Pakistan.  No doubt, you are an equivalent to the founders of this country.  The team led by Quaid-e-Azam made Pakistan possible through sacrifices.  Your team made it deterrent through your knowledge.  Both teams were stimulated by the core message of great Dr. Allama Iqbal, their passion and determination.

You are also a great lover of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and admirer of Allama Iqbal.  He (pbuh) said, “For a believer, this world is a prison.”  You are under house arrest for years but that is not a matter of sympathy.  You are just under trial by your Creator.  It has happened to prophets and all rightful activists of the world.  He helped them and He will help you.

You must have been through Iqbal’s poetry, the verse;

 غلامی میں نہ کام آتی ہیں شمشیریں نہ تدبیریں

جو ہو ذوق یقین پیدا تو کٹ جاتی ہیں زنجیریں

“In slavery, neither swords or plans are effective, But when the taste for certainty is created, then the chains are cut.”


This nation’s land, resources and minds are in control of ignorant degree-holders, non-degree holders and the students of Arts Group, in which every subject is being taught as art.  The elites, the rulers, the politicians like Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain are scars Pakistan’s shining face.   They are and their entire team, though are very technical in dealing with people, they all lack scientific minds – just imagine Tehmina Doltana (2008) as the federal minister for Science and Technology while she doesn’t even fit for Home Economics group.  The entire population, including even cats and dogs, expect nothing from these “lot of imbeciles” called our politicians regarding education.

The point is that, you can still serve this country with the power of your knowledge, which is mightier than thousand swords.  You can help Pakistani children in understanding the scientific terminology by easy-to-understand examples, through website, a blog or even your facebook account.  I know that other countries have produced many programs for children explaining these concepts, but our parents and children don’t have habit of watching English programs.  Their media choice is limited to cheapness and obscenity of Indian movies.

I am talking about the little children who go to schools and get questions in homework which Science teachers are unable to explain.  The scientific terms, not their definitions but their significance, uses, causes and effects in form of simple sentences.  That is because of our English curriculum, students are unable to write one sentence on their own.

For example:

– the terms like, adaptation, analysis, apparatus, atmosphere, atom, bacteria, Big Bang, biodiversity, carbon, cell, chaos, climate, DNA, ecosystem, electricity, electron, element, energy, environment, enzyme, equilibrium, error, ethology, evolution, experiment, force, fossil, friction, galaxy, gene, genetically modified organism, gravity, greenhouse effect, H2O, heat, hydrocarbon, infinity, intelligence,Internet, life, light, link, magnetism, mass, matter, measurement, metabolism, mind, mole, molecule, motion, mutation, natural selection, nebula, neuron, organism, osmosis, particle, periodic table, pH, photosynthesis, planet, pollution, pressure, probability, protein, pulsar, quantum, quark, radioactivity, reaction, relativity, reproduction, research, rule, science, scientific method, solution, space, species, star, stem cell, streamlining, symbiosis, systems, technology, temperature, theory, time, tissue, tumour, Universe, upthrust/buoyancy, vacuum, virus, wave and thousands more….

I have read few books about how Pakistan became a nuclear power and your biography.  Would you please be a little more generous and write your autobiography for children to read.  In short and simple sentences, illustrate your feelings for Pakistan as a child, your good old memories, then your passion to make Pakistan powerful, and how smilingly you faced all the trials.

Just forget about the idiot politicians.  This is why they do what they are doing so everyone focus on them keep criticizing and cursing them.  Beat them and defeat them by finding a new way of communicating to the future of Pakistan.  These children need new words, new sentences, new paragraphs, new essays of their own people to read.

I expect an immediate response to my humble requests.

Remember there are many people who adore you and expect a lot from you.  Who would know better than you how to break the chains.

Love you and pray for you from the core of my heart.

A very common Pakistani.



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