God is mine too!

I say Allah (SWT) is my Lord.  He created me a human.  He raised me in a geographically well-defined piece of land called Pakistan.  He taught me how to talk.  He listens to my prayers.  He supplies all the provisions to me.  He enables me to see dreams, think ideas and carry on with my plannings.  He consoles me when I have fears.  He condoles me when I lose myself and helps me retrieve my spirit.  He has promised me the Paradise if I be humble and fair.  Even if I am not and I fail in doing good, I still expect Him to be Merciful and Kind to me.  For He is free of all needs and I am completely dependent upon His mercy.  

Men have abandoned the house of Allah for me though, no place for me in the mosque….but they can’t stop me from worshiping Him and remembering Him.  

I don’t feel like I am puppet to men.  I don’t need to see things through their eyes and speak their words as I have my organs functioning properly.  I don’t need men to impose their religious rulings on me.  By the Grace of God, I am an average intellectual and have low IQ.  I can read Qur’an, understand it and if I want to I can consult men scholars.  I seek refuge in Allah from depending upon men like a slave.  AMEEN!

However, I do believe in good man-ship and if it exists then women should show some good women-ship to prove that ships do run on land.  LOL!

Just like Whoopi sang, “Nothing in the world can take me away from my God”…

Women in Pakistan are produced, raised and consumed like a commodity.  After one thousand four hundred and thirty three years of coming of Islam, still the two genders have no sense of equality for each other.  Okay, gender equality is a controversial topic in religion, but they should delivered the due rights to each other as a human being at least.  Even women look upon themselves as a service to men and then they complain their dominance.

Nature receives our words as commands and responds accordingly.  What women keep reminding girls and other women fills air as their desire.  

Women don’t realize that brainwashing girls through so-called words of wisdom and as a reinforcement to their duties in Islam encourages men to act like God.  

1) Women can’t live without men and all men behave same to just tolerate them and women will be rewarded Paradise.  This sounds like admonishing women that there is no justice for them in this world.  Their entry to Paradise is conditioned to tolerate men as a deity – the angered one.  This is like challenging the verses of Qur’an and disregarding the God’s words.

“Believers, men and women, are protectors of one another. They enjoin what is just and forbid what is evil. They observe regular prayer and practice regular charity, obey God and His messenger, and on them God will pour His mercy, for God is exalted in power and right. God has promised to believers, men and women, gardens under which we were supposed to dwell therein, beautiful mansions and garden of everlasting bliss, for the greatest bliss is the pleasure of God, that is the supreme”… Surah At-Taubah/The Repentance 71

“And one of His signs that He created for you, your mate from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts verily in that are the signs for those who reflect”… Surah Ar-Room/The Rome 21

“Treat them (women) politely for even if you dislike them, perhaps you dislike something which God has placed much good”… Surah An-Nisa/The Women 19

2) Women should cover themselves because their grandfather or father or brothers want them to or they shouldn’t do certain things because their men don’t want them to.  I think women should fear God Almighty more than their men at home.  This is just like replacing God by men in likes and dislikes.  It is Allah (SWT) who ordained the commandments and to Him we all are answerable.  So, men and women should submit themselves to God Almighty and not to each other.

3) Men know better than women.  This statement is still unproven religiously, scientifically and logically.  I think it was a set up in jealousy to put their wisdom aside.  In other words, it was invented to kill the better-half potential.  I don’t feel low with this non-sense.  

In fact, I feel proud when I read about how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) valued his women.  He loved and respected Hazrat Khadijah because she was his companion in every high and low.  At Hudaibiyyah, he (pbuh) listened to his wife Umm-e-Salama’s advise and changed his attire and slaughtered the animal in order to convince his companions to do so.  He helped his wives at home.  He greeted them, smiled at them, played with them, joked with them.  No wonder his wives adored him.

4) Men have the right to make final decision.  They must consult with their women especially if it has something to do with their lives and then men can announce it as their final decision.  Isn’t it fair?

5) All women go through these trials so just leave everything to God, He will deal with men.  All I could understand from this, is that women are born to play no role except what is decided for them by men, no words of their own except the script handed over to them by elders, no action unless signaled by the directors around them.  Hell to that, this is so robotic.  If this is the case, women had been created as animals or birds or they had been made in factories.  God Almighty had not given them a mind to think, a conscious to understand and a will to obey or rebel. 

Which trials do women should tolerate – God-descended or man-made?  Has God allowed men to put women into trails and be the judge to their right and wrong?  The God I believe in would never allow any of His creation to play God to their fellows.

Let God deal with men and men deal with women – why not let men and women deal with each other and let God be the judge to both? – this is the teaching of Islam after all.

6) Women should tolerate injustice for the sake of their daughters otherwise the society won’t respect them and won’t accept them.  First of all, keep aiding such society with thoughts of demoralization  and expecting no barbarism and disasters is not Islam at all.  This is not wise at all to state prejudgments about society unless you face it personally otherwise it starts happening for real and then you have to face it.  Either by choice or compulsion, tolerance is an inability to resist in a certain situation.  It should not be preached as a habit or characteristic, otherwise it guarantees the rise of brutality.  That is why Qur’an introduced the law of “equal reaction” – an eye for an eye – and believe me it does not make the world blind but warns those who love to make the world blind.

Girls or women should worry more about God’s approval or disapproval for He is the true Lord, the Exalted One.


Allah (SWT) is not the deity unjust.  He created both men and women as humans.  His book is a guidance for both men and women.  He ordained laws to establish justice between the two genders so they can lead a peaceful life for their generations.  

Women need to develop humanity in them, for themselves.  They need to remove the concept of men’s supremacy on them.  They don’t need to pretend so naive that they can’t retaliate an attack or can’t take any revenge.  Taking revenge or seeking justice is as lawful for them as it is for men.  They don’t need to be biased but it is their right to know their rights.  They must find out how their Lord Almighty addresses to them in Qur’an.  The verses of justice in Qur’an are for both men and women.  Women don’t need to rely upon men to tell them about their duties and their status.  That is because men will not be the judge on the Day of Judgment.  They will be standing beside us waiting for accountability.




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