Asia Cricket Cup 2012

Congratulations to Pakistan!  Asia Cricket Cup 2012 is ours now!

I would simply call it a good luck rather than a team effort or a team spirit.  Poor fielding, not good bowling, average batting, lousy captaincy, lack of coordination.  Sometimes, prayers do work out as a sole agent for any success.



The last ball reminded me of Javed Miandad’s six against India in Sharjah.


Great cricket performance by Bangladesh in final too.  They struggled till the last moments.  The team spirit they showed throughout the tournament and especially in the final worth more the cup they have lost to Pakistan.


Pakistan should be very much thankful to Bangladesh for kicking India and Sri Lanka out of the game.  Otherwise, I doubt, it could have been very difficult for Pakistan to win.


Bangladesh should be proud of their captain Musfiqur Rehman who spoke to the nation in Bengali at the award ceremony.  This is how nations alive value their mother language.  While in Pakistan, even country’s president displays low self-esteem regarding the national language of Pakistan, Urdu.  May be I missed our Pakistani team running around with Pakistani flag. 😥


They are shedding tears like we did when India defeated us.  I wish if Pakistani team had given a tight hug to Bangladeshi team and told them that cricket is a sports not war and it is not your defeat but our victory against India.



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