Moosa Feeroz – Pakistani Math Genius

Moosa Feroz from Pakistan won the gold medal in Australia for winning 1st position on an online Math contest.  The second position is also secured by a Pakistani students.

Pakistani youth is talented.  Their excellent academic performance in a Hell-like environment that our politicians have created, is a miracle.  They don’t need laptops bought with the taxpayer’s money.  They are so genius can even built their own laptops.  It is only few hundred or few thousand students who sold their dignity and honour to Nawaz Sharif for a cheap quality laptop.

Nawaz Shareef and Shehbaaz Shareef should be ashamed of how they tried to fool the youth and used their passion for IT to increase their bank balances.  Nothing but a lust of haram money runs in their blood, they can’t get rid of it.  This is how poor Nawaz Shareef earns his livelihood for his miserable oppressed family.  His poor daughter has also joined him in his great charity work.  Like father like daughter.  Now she is going to run family business of “corruption in taxpayer’s money”.

Allah says in Qur’an, “impure men and impure women are companions of each other”…..








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