Pakistan Army, The Symbol of Courage and Honour

The Avalanche/snowslide at Siachen claimed more than 100, the most precious lives in Pakistan.  Their death is an addition to the list of proud martyrs of our nation.  Not a single civilian can imagine the trails they face and the hardships these brave lions go through to defend this nation.  Their love and passion is incomparable to anyone, neither any budget or any award can be a recompense for their services for Pakistan.  

Their true award and reward is due to Allah (SWT).  

Each and every particle of dust of this land, each molecule that the air is composed of and each drop of water that rivers, lakes and seas are made up of, salutes the valour and endurance of these honourable souls.

The nation must honour their families too as the most respectable families in Pakistan.

Few verses from the “The Prayer of Tariq in the battlefield of Andalusia” by Allama Iqbal:

These warriors, victorious, these worshippers of Yours
Whom You have granted the will to win power in Your name
In their passion, in their zeal, in their love for You, O Lord!
They aim at martyrdom, not the rule of the earth
They think of death, not as life’s end
But as the ennobling of the heart


“طارق کی دعا اندلس کے میدان جنگ میں” …
یہ غازی یہ تیرے پراسرار بندے
جنھیں تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائی 
 شہادت ہے مطلوب و مقصود مومن 
نہ مال غنیمت نہ کشور کشائی
 کشادہ در دل سمجھتے ہیں اسکو
ہلاکت نہیں موت انکی نظر میں

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