Children have rights and life too…

Following is the syllabus of a 3rd Grader for final exams.   This is beside Urdu, Islamiyaat and Computer.  This is what they have to learn after all weekends, holidays and MQM’s Sog-Days off.
With this syllabus, the school can declare the students ready for employment after 5th Grade.  A 3rd Grader is 8 or 9 year old.  Do kids at this age deserve to study such a non-sense syllabus in the name of high standard?  They complain about children cheating in exams, why wouldn’t they?
Parents should raise their voice against this injustice and child abuse.  Children have rights and life too.
English 2
Questions and Answers, Summary, Central Idea, Poem Writing
– Literature/Stories
Three Arms Length for Everyone (lesson – graves are equal size for rich and poor)
A Parent’s Love
Khalifa Ali
The Guide of Life
The Wise Shepherd
The One Closer to God
A Satanic Calculation
Death (how much selfish are blood relations)
– Poems
Prophet Ibraheem
Equal and One
English 1
People at work (occupations)
Things I enjoy doing
A world of adventure
Our Environment (recycling)
– Simple Present Tense
– Simple Past Tense
– Simple Future Tense
– Present Continuous
Proof Reading
Creative Writing
Reading and Listening Comprehension
Masculine and Feminine
Comma after Yes and No
Subject-Verb Agreement
Shadows     Sundial
Soil  Humus
Plants     Parts of Plants  Name of Feeding Plants   Plants making food
The Earth     The Sun    The Moon (composition)
Services  Barter Trading   Economy  Money
Our Country  (provinces  rivers  flag- composition  folk songs   folk tales)
Maps (definition  Atlas)
Festivals (religious festivals, national festivals, world religions, non-Muslim festivals)
National Identity
Decimal (addition subtraction multiplication division)
2-D Shapes
3-D Shapes (names, similarities, differences)
Position, Movement and Angle
Tables to 12
Half and Double
Data Handling (graphs)



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