Pakistan’s Nine/Eleven

Pakistan’s 9/11 is Quaid-e-Azam’s death anniversary.  It was a sad day for Pakistanis when they lost the most genius political legend of South Asia.  We must be very proud that Allah (SWT) chose Mohammad Ali Jinnah to be our leader and founder.

The people that we chose after him as our leaders are those that we are ashamed of.  We elect them and then we reject them.

Just watched the video press conference of MQM’s Quaid Altaf Hussain.  It was a piece of garbage but cannot say that it was a waste of time.  I think he has conveyed his message very well to his second-line command.  For general workers, it was emotional as usual.

1) How can a leader of such an important city be so stupid that he keep calling his voters and Urdu Speaking majority as mahajir?  What is the purpose of creating this difference between the citizens of Pakistan instead of bringing them near by calling Pakistanis?

If he is so sincere with Pakistan, why does he only mention the murder and abduction of Urdu Speaking people of Karachi?

2) He is absolutely wrong in calling Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah a secular person.  True that Mr. Jinnah never used “Pakistan ka matlub kiya, Laa ilaha illal-lah” and that is because he was an educated and civilized person.  He never called any slogans in public.  He never shouted like animals.  He never sang and danced while addressing the nation.  If Altaf thinks he was a secular man then why would Quaid-e-Azam encourage Muslims to keep their spirits high, “Musalaman museebat main ghabraya nahi kerta”?

Why did he mention the secularism of Quaid-e-Azam at the beginning of his speech without any proofs?   He didn’t clear out whether he want Pakistan to be a secular country or an Islamic one as he himself begin his speech with Qur’anic recitation but never quote any excerpts from Quaid-e-Azam’s speeches or Allama Iqbal’s poetry.

The whole Pakistan Movement was based on the Two-Nation Theory presented by Allama Iqbal.  Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah only worked on it.  He did not add anything in it.  It was Muslims to get a free land against non-Muslim majority in order to protect their Islamic rights.  Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense.  Why would Mr. Jinnah support the division of Sub-Continent into two secular states?  Obviously it had to be religion based.

3) His reference to the events of Islamic history was irrelevant to the topic (if there was any)/purpose of the press conference.

4) All he tried was to terrify people by showing maps and giving horrible tidings about Pakistan’s future.  It seemed like it is going to happen any second yet no immediate response from his party leaders in Karachi.

5) In last few years he has tried his best to involve Army in cities of Pakistan.  MQM successfully build the public opinion for the Army operation in Swat which caused displacement of millions of civilians.  All was based upon a fake video of a girl being lashed in public and MQM confirmed it.  Then MQM and ANP played this game of hatred in Orangi Town.  ANP murdered the public and MQM shouted that Talibans are here in Karachi so Army operation is needed.  Then after flood, he tried to engage Army with waderas and jageerdars in order to get rid of them.  His recent effort was to clear path for military operation in Liyari and then in whole Karachi.

Alhamdulillah, except in Swat, he failed.  Tonight he even pledged his workers to help Army to protect Pakistan.  Again, he didn’t clear what exactly he meant.  Does he want MQM workers to join Pakistan Army or he wants Army to train MQM’s workers to fight with them? Or he wants his armed militants to help Army?  But against whom will they fight – India, Afghanis, America, local terrorist groups, gangs,  mafia?

Why is he so eager to launch military operation in cities?  No words of appreciation for rangers.

6) He ran away from Pakistan for fear of assassination and lived a luxurious life in London.  Now even there he fears his murder – by whom and where does he want to go now?  The only reason for his murder seems to me is that if he fails in engaging Army in Karachi.  I think ANP and MQM were given this task to achieve by their foreign masters.

7) Where did he arrange this press conference – his headquarter in London?

8) How would his party leaders defend his body language and his behaviour during speech as a leader?  His singing and dancing, holding Qur’an, silly stretching of words and sentences, his humour – I think he did that purposely.

9) How can he be so sure of his murder as a martyr?  Or was it an advice to his party workers to get ready for a long SOG in respect of his assassination which means more killings and strike?  I wonder how would MQM respond to his murder if it is going to happen like he said?

10) Was there any message of peace, working along, reducing pollution in Karachi, industrial reforms, better economy, better educational opportunities?

Who exactly were the addressee of Altaf Hussain?  Can we believe that Gen. Kiyani, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry and others would take him seriously or was there some new information for them in his speech?

If Quaid-e-Azam said so then who should rule Pakistan - secular people? How would Muslim majority vote for secular representatives? If he means the president then what would be the criteria for secular president and governors?