Meera’s English, Veena Malik and Mathira’s salacious photographs, Saima Khan and Nargis’s x-rated stage dance, Maya Khan’s super domineering hosting, Nadia Khan’s interference in people’s personal life and many other women with immodest scandals – all bashed up by men of great virtue and character.  Yeah, the common men of Pakistan.   Musarrat Shaheen is said to be the only surviving ‘screen prostitute’ who is eligible for elections in her area.  Men, bearded or clean shaved,  highly relish these situations, surpassing their limits in condemning, cursing and criticizing women for being ‘morally and sexually adulterated’.
These kind of women are commonly titled as ‘bitches’ and men demand their expulsion from society and severe punishment by the government and law even if it be stoning her to death.
Somehow, grieving, howling, moaning, mourning, wailing, weeping, bleeding and wounded, naked and exposed, women have remained the only source of amusement and entertainment for Pakistani men.
While in this very same ,yet, undefined society, many male politicians, celebrities and even common men have been found engaged in lewdness, lechery and sexploitation and have been caught red handed – shockingly all were/are deliberately disregarded and voluntarily exonerated from all sins and crimes.  They should have been called ‘dogs’ and ‘pigs’ too.
Tell me honestly, who do Mrs. Reema Khan, soon to be Mrs. Meera, Mrs. Sana, Mrs. Saima Noor, Mrs. Noor, Ms. Resham, Ms. Nirma, Mrs. Musarrat Shaheen and other female actresses and stage dancers please and upset by oscillating their bodies and shaking their breasts and buttocks so frequently and constantly in the name of fun, art and freedom?  Who do they discompose their physical formation for?  They say their purpose is not to seduce anyone but then why do men feel like that?  Why don’t those men present there stop them – I mean the producer, the director, the actors, the hero?
Why was MAYA KHAN fired immediately while Syed BILAL QUTUB from Alim Online is still there after that controversial program – no public pressure and no condemnation from religious side?
Why was Nadia Khan terminated while Syed Mustafa Kamal was justified after calling public “Ulloo ka Patha” – no conviction by law, no public stricture?
Why are Veena Malik and Mathira called ‘BITCHES’ while Moammar Rana is not called a ‘DOG’ after posing nude in a photo session?
One thing I still haven’t understood is what evil is Veena Malik or Mathira or any other female producing that Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Vidia Balen and other Bollywood actresses have not done?  Lollywood actresses only compete with them in getting naked to buy men’s attention and money.  The google searches have decided who can do it better.  Pakistani men are the most fervent viewers of Bollywood nudity and find it more safe for their faith and purity.
Why don’t men (actors) step forward to defend their co-female colleagues when they are scurrilously attacked by the society and judged by muftis and scholars – I mean Nadeem Baig, Shan, Moammar Rana, Babar Ali, Afzal Khan Rambo, Umar Sharif and those who support art and have been through that medium, like Talat Hussain, Shakeel, Rahat Kazmi, Usman Pirzada, etc.?
It is quite possible that the celebrities purposely propagate these kind of scandals to entertain themselves and to satisfy the lust of popularity.  They would commit suicide if they come to know how their ‘freedom of expression’ sometimes effects and spoils people’s life.
The biggest injustice that we have done to ourselves and our country is that we have handed over the domination and superiority to men who are coward, unjust and unfortunate literates.

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