from Catzillah to Billo

I didn’t know that I will become the most hated person for Catzillah who is now called Billo.  The new name is given to her by the family living on third floor.

First, it was because of her I had to face sugar-coated criticism from my neighbors and security guard.  I had to argue with everyone to justify her presence in the building.

Then after having kittens she became the ‘liver of everyone’s eyes’, as she doesn’t eat apples.  They spoiled her.   The neighbors upstairs were taking care of her.  I got complaints of her making a mess.  Finally, the day before yesterday, that was Thursday, I decided to get rid of her and her kittens.

I called Edhi Center, packed Catzillah and babies in a carton and left her at Sohrab Goth branch.  I thought that they will keep her there but couple of workers told me that animal’s hospital is about twenty five kilometers far on Super Highway, right after toll plaza.  They don’t return animals and that premises doesn’t have a phone facility.  Everybody was criticizing me for taking them away.

I was happy and satisfied for I did the right job.

The next morning, which was yesterday, little girls from upstairs came and told me that their two brothers are very upset about the cat and they want her back.  Actually their mother lied to them that we will keep Catzillah for two or three days.  I told them about what Edhi workers had said to me.  Few minutes later, I heard cryings, shouting, banging on wall from upstairs.  The parents requested me if there is any way they can get her back.

On hearing that the boys are on a hunger strike since morning, I changed my mind.  I called Edhi Center and they told me that I will have to go there and see if I can get them back.  After Jumah, I arranged a car and traveled all the way to the hospital with my daughter and their mother.  There could be more but I saw three workers there who were nice to us.  We told them the truth and they agreed to return the cat family.

We had to wait outside the inside gate.  They pointed at a cage standing alone behind a row of cages.  The cat was there in the same carton along with her little ones.  They brought her back.

I could see the fear in her eyes.  She had to spend a night in the wilderness of an isolated hospital, with three or four dogs and strange men moving around.

I felt sorry for her and cursed myself.  While coming back, she was panting out of fear and thirst.  She started moving inside the car with her mouth open and fast breathing.

The boy from upstairs ran to her as we reached home.  I handed them over to him and said, “lo apni amanat aur ab khana kha lena”.  My daughter followed them.  She told me that Catzillah ate the liver like hungry fox and drank milk and went to sleep right away.  She hasn’t come down since then, avoiding passing by my side to go out.

I am happy and satisfied for Billo found a new home and loving family.


Edhi Emergency Hospital for Animals - A shelter for homeless animals



The cage where Catzillah/Billo and her kittens spent one night.



A row of cages in the center of shelter.



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