I Love Pakistan

People say Islam is more important than Pakistan, faith is more important than land.

I say, “Pakistan is the symbol of Islam in form of land.  If you don’t care about land, where would you practice your Islam and establish khilafah, in the air or under water?  Land, book, building, stone – all are material things and have no value against faith.  But Muslims do own Makkah, Madinah, Ka’abah, Aqsa, Qur’an and Hajr-ul-Aswad.  Then what’s wrong with owning or loving Pakistan.  Prophet (pbuh) owned it, he felt fresh breeze from this piece of land.”

People say people have a right to live anywhere they want.

I say, “Yes, they do.  But they don’t have a right to misuse, abuse or accuse the land/place they have disowned for any reason.  That is in general.  For Muslims, there are few conditions for migration.  Migration means a temporary stay.  It is allowed for trade, marriage, preaching and political reasons.  Muslims migrated to Habsah (Abyssinia) for political asylum and returned when it was safe.  They migrated to Madinah for political reasons.  Finally, they came back to free Makkah from disbelievers.  As Makkah and Madinah became two cities under one khilafah, Ansar (residents of Madinah) and Mahajreen (migrants) – all were regarded as equal citizens of the first Islamic State.”

People say making of Pakistan was a wrong decision.

I ask them, “whose decision was it?

They say, “Jinnah’s decision”.

I ask them, “Wasn’t Quaid-e-Azam supported and trusted by influential personalities of that time and millions of common Muslims?  If yes, then how could millions of people be wrong at the same time?  Why would millions of people decide to sacrifice their lives and properties for a land that could be the result of someone’s wrong decision?  Were those influential personalities from all provinces and of minorities also wrong?  Don’t blame great people who established Pakistan for your failure.  Blame your parents who failed in bringing you up like a gentle, civilized, ambitious and skillful person.”

People say Pakistan did not give them anything.

I ask them, “Do countries really have such powers?  Does visa for other countries assure you of suitable employment, three times meal, clothing and other facilities?  No, right.  Then why do you expect such a non-sense from Pakistan.  You live, you struggle…you invest, you gain…you earn, you eat…you make wrong decisions, you lose.  Simple rules of life in all countries.”

Urdu Speaking say, “mahajirs are not treated well, there is no space for us in Karachi”.

I tell them, “Mahajir/migrants are not treated well anywhere.  They are granted with basic necessities on humanitarian basis.  Calling yourself mahajir is a sign of disowning Pakistan.  Should people who disown their own lands be treated well in foreign lands?  Hmmm, I don’t think foreigners are that stupid.  and…..Why do you care about having no space in Karachi when you are ever ready to leave this city?  Leaving your place means you don’t care about it or you don’t need it anymore, others will ultimately occupy it.  By the way Urdu Speaking don’t leave Karachi like a migrant.  They plan to travel abroad, they sell their properties, prepare people’s mind to accept their excuses and justification.”

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I'm Be-Positive. Life is like tea; hot, cold or spicy. I enjoy every sip of it. I love listening to the rhythm of my heart, that's the best

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